Been busy with IP...several HOFers and others

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Mar 23, 2004
Been doing the NFL Combine as well as a few tv/singer folks and some NBA the past 5-6 days. Had a very productful time and got quite a few guys I had not gotten before. Posting the small stuff first and then the bigger items with photos at the end. Alright...was going to post pictures but camera died and out of batteries. Will post later.

Had my yearly attempt at Bill Belichek. Last year he told me to mail it to him at the stadium and he will sign it. I did send a photo and of course never got it back. This year he looked at me and said no. I told him that last year he told me to mail to him at the stadium and I sent a photo and never got it back. This angered him and he whipped around and yelled 'Bullsh.. I send everything that is sent to me back.' Thanks Bill. See ya next year.

Other interesting story was the talk from Kevin Greene about how he sees too much of the stuff he signs on the internet and tried personalizing but those still end up for sale too. He has decided to have a policy of never signing again until someone fronts him a sum of money to do a sit down signing. He informed me it creeps him out that people know where he lives so he keeps anything mailed to him.

On cards:
Trace Armstrong 91 Pacific
Bryan Cox 1997 SC, 1993 Topps
James Harris 1978 Topps
Charlie Joiner 1986 Topps
Bernie Parmalee 1996 Playoff Prime, 1996 Skybox Impact
Emmitt Thomas 1978 Topps x2, 2008 Topps HOF
Doug Williams 1990 SuperBowl Superheroes x2
Mark Carrier 1994 Score Select, 1995 Topps SC, 1991 UD Season Leader, 1991 UD
Russ Grimm 1986 Topps, 1987 Topps
Wilbert Montgomery 1979 Topps, 1982 Topps, 1984 Topps, 1978 TOpps TL, 1979 Topps TL
Wade Wilson 1990 Action Packed, 1991 Upper Deck
Keenan McCardell 2006 Topps
Ray Horton 1984 Topps, 1992 Topps SC
Johnny Holland 1990 Topps
Jonathan Hayes 1991 Bowman
Paul Warfied 2000 Fleer GOTG

On photos:
Dick LeBeau w/ HOF 10
Russ Grimm w HOF 10
Andy Reid
Doug Williams-Had never gotten the guy. Typically had a hard time politely saying no, usually going on a rant about his hatred of autographs. Was the nicest guy this year.
Mike Singletary
Pete Carroll
Emmitt Thomas
Mike Munchak
Bruce Matthews

Sports Illustrateds:
Paul Warfield
Colt McCoy
Michael Johnson(Track and Field)-trains draft prospects...super arrogant guy. Signed for myself and told my friend he signed for me and I was first so he wouldn't sign for him.
John Madden

Michael Playmaker Irvin w/ HOF 08

Harry Connick Jr. 1 photo
Tom Green 2 photos

Chicago Bulls:
Joe Alexander x3 cards
Jannero Pargo x1 card
Devin Brown x1 card
Hakim Warrick x1 card
Derrick Rose x1 card, 1 DIME magazine
James Johnson x1 card
Brad Miller x2 cards
Kirk Hinrich x1 card
Taj Gibson x1 card
Luol Deng x1 card(set)

Reggie Miller had a premeire for his new movie and had a red carpet event. He did not sign at all going in, but did pick up a few of the other guests.

Derrick Mckey x1 card
Doug Collins x1 card
Jeff Foster x2 cards
Charles Barkley 1 8x10, 1 basketball w HOF 06

In the mail...

Matt Snell signed a 1990 ProSet Superbowl Superheroes card c/o work
Mark Grace signed a 1988 Donruss and 1989 Topps card c/o home
David Robinson signed Beckett Issue #2 with Bible verse and HOF
that stinks about bill... and i guess i will never see my cards again i sent to greene oh well... but thats a amazing haul congrats!!!!
I always imagined that Bellisuck would be a jerk....congrats on all your other successes though!!! I would love to meet Madden and Barkley!!
I always imagined that Bellisuck would be a jerk....congrats on all your other successes though!!! I would love to meet Madden and Barkley!!

Madden was actually friendly this time. He has always been hit or miss. I have gotten him 1 time previously on a ball out of seeing him 8-9 times. Barkley was a huge pick-up for me as he was one of my favorites as a kid and had never gotten him in person.