Bench Auction RULES!!!!


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The proceeds from all auctions posted from June 3rd to June 6th will go toward the Bob Westhoven Benefit Fund. Unfortunately, Bob recently lost his house and a large part of his card collection to a fire.

Here are the rules

1) Each thread will contain a specific card or lot.
2) Auctions will run for 3 days from time posted.
3) Bids can be placed by replying to the specific thread.
4) Starting price and incrementing price to be set by seller.
5) The donor will pick up shipping costs.
6) If you would like to pay by money order, cash or Walmart gift cards, you can send payment to:

Marv Bunch
P.O. Box 613
Liberty, Mississippi 39645

He can accept cash, money orders or even Walmart gift cards. He cannot accept personal checks or PayPal.

7) If you would like to send payment by PayPal, you can send payment to Mark Wing. His PayPal ID is This a business account, which means he can accept credit cards. Unfortunately, this means there are PayPal fees. Mark does have a personal account that can accept limited fund without fees. If the total auction is less than $10 and you can send funds by balance transfer, please contact Mark. Otherwise, be prepared to add an additional $0.50 to the selling price.

*Rules subject to change as needed without notice.

** Modified by Mark Wing on 6/3/2005
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