Bench Policies


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If a member has a thread wanting "Topps Heritage", can a conversation be started about the wants. Or does a member specifically need to say the conversations are accepted? Further more; is any permission needed to converse if you have something from their website that is not mentioned in a thread?
If a member posts anywhere on the forums, whether it be in a post or in their signature, that they're looking for something, I'd say that is an invitation to receive private messages about those items. I'd say the same is true if they have a link to their website posted on this site, and their website says they're looking for something in particular.

A link to a news article?

A link to Blowout Cards or Cardboard Connection in relationship to "New Releases"?

A link to a Bench thread containing your Wants and Traders that is posted in your signature?
All of these are fine.