Besides me who's excited for the new Madden?!


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I know I sure am. It's a shame though, although I'm very excited for the game because I get it every year at the midnight launch... It comes out August 10th at midnight. My dad passed away last year on August 11th. I find it awkward a little bit for the situation but I can't mourn the past forever, I'll remember him that day just as I do everyday and more so.

Didn't mean to bring drab into the topic I just figured it was on topic :)

Anyway Bree's in on the cover which he deserved... What system will some of you be getting it for? PS3 here, got it reserved at gamestop for the 20,000 coins or whatever bonus offer they were offering.

Last year I played exactly 450 games online before throwing in the towel for next year, I was well about .500 as well. I have a life, but the only game I play is pretty much Madden.

So lets hear the stories :)


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Im about burnt out of Madden. Ive played for longer than I can recall. Plus the playbooks rarely change, seems like the only diffrence from year to year is the players. Last year i started off with Madden played alot then pick up a copy of the NCAA game and Madden never got played again. I like the aspect of being able to start a program build it up and if you choose to, to leave and go to another school. When I was playing this I started with SMU, got snubbed out of the Championship in 3 of the 5 years I was there before moving to the Big 10 to win a few championships with Michigan before moving on to Louisville where Im still at even though Ive been playing MLB The Show the last 2 months or better.


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Only reason I'll even glance at this Madden is because I heard Gus Johnson is in the game. Other than that, I'll just borrow it from my neighbor when he gets it or wait for 2K to start making football games again.