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Great topic, my family has enjoyed playing Monopoly and Clue although I can never beat my wife or oldest daughter in either of them. The version of Life from the mid 70-mid 80 were the best, I agree that the new one isn't good at all. Scene it is also one we play alot. One card game that i remember from my youth was Pit, where you were a commodities trader, that one can get a little crazy


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As a kid, Sunday afternoons were always fun. After church and yard work, My dad and I would often play Risk (mu favorite), Castle Risk, or backgammon. If others in the family were interested in playing a game we sometimes played Risk but more often than not play Clue, Clue VCR, Monopoly, Pay Day, Miles Borne, or Hearts.

In college we'd often have 6-player Risk or Monopoly games, 5 player Axis and Allies games or all-night poker games. A few times if we had a lot of time - like a week long vacation and nobody went home or away - we'd diagonally connect Monopoly games at "Go" (for 2 boards) or "Go" and "Free Parking" (for 3 boards) and literally play for days.

My daughter just recently began liking Monopoly and never liked Risk. She loves Clue even though my wife always wins when the three of us play. Life is her favorite - I never liked it because there seems to be very little strategy - but I still always play when she asks. This past year she's learned Poker and Chess.

For 15 years I was unable to play any games with my dad because since we live in different states and our work seasons don't mesh well resulting in a once-a-year visit. When I do see him, it is frowned upon if seclude ourselves from the extended family to play Risk. Last summer, however, we were able to spend a whole week with him at a resort in NH. One day it rained allowing a perfect opportunity for me to break out the old Risk game from my childhood for old times sake. I Hoped to crush him the way he always crushed me as a kid, but as my wife predicted, he beat me. Nevertheless the 1 1/2 hours playing brought back some nice memories.