Boxelder Bug problem....suggestions to keep them out?


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We recently have had quite the presence from the bug known as the 'Boxelder Bug' Do a quick search on google images to find an image of it.

They are coming into our house in large amounts. First and Second floor. I read up that they are attracted to Western facing homes with lots of sunshine exposure (We have both :rolleyes: ).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep them out? They seem to be coming in from the window cracks and such.



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I would seal the cracks will good. also coat the out side of your house with a mix of Dawn dish soap and water will help repel them. I have problems with them every fall


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My parents use soapy water. Spray it where they come in or on them. It seems to work fairly good. There is no way you can seal all their entrances


thankfully they are nothi8ng more than a neucance, i have them here too, fill the cracks, where you know they are getting in and a nice portable wet dry vac to hunt with. best way to deal with them is to deal with the tree not the bug. call a arburoist and see if they can treat the tree and next year they may or may not be so bad. but sadly not much you can really do about them.