Brady is back in the game...


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Looks like Tom Brady is playing football again.The only thing I am saddened about is that he felt compelled to step up and so arrogantly lie about knowing or not knowing the footballs where deflated.I guess he really thinks the average fan is just a dumbass.
On the brighter side,one cannot say that the Broncos,Colts,Ravens,or Steelers got better seeding during the playoffs because he sat out a 4 game suspension and Jimmy G lost a game or two...


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To me, what this proves is that any player can basically do whatever they want and if Goodell suspends them, they will take it to court and have it overturned. Goodell is in a no win situation. I keep hearing he is a "re-active" commish, rather than a "pro-active" commish - somebody please tell me where anyone would have thought that deflating footballs in a playoff game would come up. Tell me, please, where anyone would have thought he would have to rule on one team filming another teams super bowl walkthrough. ETC. ETC. ETC.

What the NFLPA should focus on, instead of filing lawsuits to keep its players eligible, is to keep them from committing crimes.

And yeah, they have 4 Super Bowls, but does anyone outside of New England think they aren't all tainted by some form of cheating?


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In some ways I wouldn't mind seeing Brady starting the season so the Pats have nothing to use in the way of an excuse for their season....


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I think that this became bigger than deflating footballs. Anyone with any common sense knows that Brady knew something about what was going on. And destroying his cell phone right before he was going to turn it over looks REALLY bad. But the guy is a good football player. And getting 4 games for this was extreme. I think that Goodell felt some pressure from the other owners to do something about this franchise. They have been circumventing the rules for years. No one in this area of the country will admit that though. The person who I really do not like is Robert Kraft. I remember when his wife Myra passed away and they were all crying and saying how this one was for Myra. A couple months later you see his 20 something year old girlfriend in his booth. Just goes to show you the kind of morals this man has.