Break Complete!!! 2020 Topps ProDebut Baseball Hobby Box RANDOM PACK Group Box Break


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Live link to the box break:

Anybody interested in trying a RANDOM PACK style group box break for ONE 2020 TOPPS PRO DEBUT BASEBALL HOBBY BOX?

Here is the product information:

Box configuration:

-24 packs per box

-8 cards per pack

-2 Autographs and 2 Relics (or additional autographs) per box

For this break there will be 24 Spots. There are 24 packs in this box so each spot will get one random pack. Price will be $7 per spot and $4 for each additional spot. Each spot gets you a random pack and you will get all of the cards from that pack.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining and how many spots you would like and also let me know what number you would like me to put your name next to (if you have no preference in number I will straight fill and put you down next to the next available number). Once filled, we will roll the dice and randomize the list of peoples names in the break as well as the list of pack numbers to see who gets each pack. I will break this box live for those interested in watching it live and the video will be uploaded after for those who wish to watch it later.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

Break Participants:

1. mgm37
2. grapler135s PAID
3. Chavezforprez PAID
4. Chavezforprez PAID
5. mgm37
6. Chavezforprez PAID
7. mm1sub PAID
8. Chavezforprez PAID
9. Chavezforprez PAID
10. grapler135s PAID
11. Chavezforprez PAID
12. grapler135s PAID
13. Chavezforprez PAID
14. Chavezforprez PAID
15. Chavezforprez PAID
16. Chavezforprez PAID
17. mgm37
18. Chavezforprez PAID
19. Chavezforprez PAID
20. mgm37
21. Chavezforprez PAID
22. grapler135s PAID
23. Chavezforprez PAID
24. mm1sub PAID
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This box has been ordered so we’ll plan on doing this break early next week. Please let me know if anybody else would like to join us!