Break Complete!!! 2021 Bowman Baseball Random Pack Group Box Break #2


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Hi everybody. I really liked the Bowman cards from the first round random pack group break so I am going to buy another hobby box of 2021 Bowman Baseball and I wanted to see if there was any interest in trying another RANDOM PACK STYLE group box break.

There are 24 packs per box so there would be 24 spots in this break. Price is $12 per spot. Each spot will get you one random pack and all of the cards in that pack.

Product Info:


-24 packs per box

-1 Chrome Autograph Card per box

Here is how this break would work. You let me know how many spots you want. If you would like your name next to a specific number please let me know when you tell me how many spots you would like, otherwise, I will just straight fill this and put you down next to the next available number(s). I will add this to the Trade Manager for everybody along with my PayPal address. After all of the spots are filled and all payments are received I will go live with the pack number randomization. I will roll the dice and randomize the list of names of the members in the break. Every spot will be paired with a pack number and that will be your pack for the break and you will get all cards from that pack. Please note that I can also ship your pack(s) to you sealed if you would like to be the one to open them, just be sure to let me know.

This product has already released and this box has been ordered!

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

1. Molitor04x PAID
2. gestes72 PAID
3. brendan1987 PAID
4. criollos PAID
5. Steelers8873 PAID **unopened packs**
6. pinetarboys PAID
7. Molitor04x PAID
8. grapler135s PAID
9. criollos PAID
10. grapler135s PAID
11. dragonslayer913 PAID
12. grapler135s PAID
13. brendan1987 PAID
14. brendan1987 PAID
15. brendan1987 PAID
16. criollos PAID
17. dragonslayer913 PAID
18. pinetarboys PAID
19. grapler135s PAID
20. Steelers8873 PAID **unopened packs**
21. criollos PAID
22. David K. PAID
23. gestes72 PAID
24. David K. PAID
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