Break Complete! 2022 Panini Legacy Football Random Teams Style Group Box Break


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Live link to the group box break:

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Okay football season is almost here and this product releases on Friday so I wanted to see if anybody might be interested in trying a RANDOM TEAMS STYLE group break for ONE HOBBY BOX of 2022 PANINI LEGACY FOOTBALL?

Box Configuration:

-16 packs per box
-8 cards per pack
- 2 Autographs per box
- 4 Opti-Chrome cards per box
- 2 Mini cards per box
- 12 Insert cards per box
- 4 Parallel cards per box
- 3 Dare to Tear Per Case

Product Info:

Here is how this break will work. There are 32 spots and the price is $10 per spot. Each spot gets you ONE RANDOM TEAM and all of the cards of the players from that team. Once the break is full I will randomize the list of members and teams to see who gets what teams. You will also have a chance to trade teams before we do this break.

This product releases this Friday August 5th so let’s see if we can fill this and do this break right around release day!

After you sign up I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

1. [email protected] PAID Cleveland Browns
2. [email protected] PAID Pittsburgh Steelers
3. bfd13 PAID Denver Broncos
4. OldNewRips PAID Los Angeles Chargers
5. OldNewRips PAID New York Jets
6. OldNewRips PAID New England Patriots
7. Journeyman PAID Seattle Seahawks
8. Journeyman PAID Tennessee Titans
9. kpit1978 PAID Detroit Lions
10. PAVI39 PAID New Orleans Saints
11. northicehero99 PAID Miami Dolphins
12. PAVI39 PAID Green Bay Packers
13. DaSoxFan PAID Chicago Bears
14. kpit1978 PAID Philadelphia Eagles
15. Butch Buddy PAID Dallas Cowboys
16. OldNewRips PAID San Francisco 49ers
17. dragonslayer913 Houston Texans
18. DaSoxFan PAID Las Vegas Raiders
19. bdink25 PAID Jacksonville Jaguars
20. dragonslayer913 Minnesota Vikings
21. northicehero99 PAID Baltimore Ravens
22. grapler135s PAID Arizona Cardinals
23. AndyDrummond PAID Buffalo Bills
24. Steelers8873 PAID Cincinnati Bengals
25. bdink25 PAID Kansas City Chiefs
26. grapler135s PAID Atlanta Falcons
27. OldNewRips PAID Los Angeles Rams
28. Butch Buddy PAID Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29. Steelers8873 PAID Indianapolis Colts
30. OldNewRips PAID New York Giants
31. AndyDrummond PAID Washington Commanders
32. K.C._Royals! PAID Carolina Panthers

1/1 Bounty:

Low Serial Number Bounty:
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Price reduced to $10 per spot for this break!

8 spots left if anybody else is interested in joining please let me know.



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Okay we are full thanks so much everyone! I posted transactions up and the box has been ordered. Will plan to do the team randomization sometime this weekend so you all will have some time to trade teams if you would like to before the break.



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Okay team randomization is done and the thread has been updated. Please let me know if anybody would like to make any trades. My teams are available if anybody is interested please let me know.



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Tracking says that this box should arrive on Thursday so we’ll plan to do this break on Thursday August 11th at 4pm PDT.

See you then!