Breaking up 1996 Bowman Best Refractor and Atomic Refractor sets


5.00 star(s)
I am still breaking by my 1996 Bowman Best Refractor and Atomic Refractor sets.........I still have plenty of Star Players.......If you have a player, prospect or team you like...Please contact me. I am selling, trading.or even doing a cash/ trade..

Currently I collect the better bowman chrome draft prospects....... Here are a few.

2015: Hayes, Mountcastle
2016: Kirilloff*, N. Jones, Bieber, Luzardo
2017: Gore
2018: Davis, Bohm**, Kelenic, Groshans
2019: Rutschman, Vaughn, Greene ,Bleday and Jung
2019 Bowman Chrome Prospects: Alvarez,Bart, Luciano, Marte J. Rodriguez
2020 Draft.....Veen, Gonzalez, Kjstad..other better 1st round prospects. Don