Bryce Harper Lot For Trade!


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I have the following Bryce Harper lot for trade. Want to trade the whole lot together for a PWE trade. Looking for inserts of Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, Rickey Henderson, and Mike Trout. LMK Thank you!

2013 Topps #1A
2014 Topps Heritage #400A
2015 Topps #207A
2018 Topps Legends in the Making #LTMBH
2018 Topps Opening Day #114
2019 Topps Heritage #367
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Hey I just did a search for Harper posts and this one came up! Are these still for trade?
I have a 1997 bonds Gold donruss preferred and I can look for other Bonds inserts. I'm sure I have a couple. I'm new on here and I don't have full lists or a catalogue yet.