BUYING Junk Game-Used & Autos for .60 Each


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Hi, I'm buying junk 2005 and newer football game-used and autos for .60 each. Here's my buying criteria:

I'm not interested in Press Pass, SAGE, or any other draft GU. Please, no Pacific or Collector's Edge cards either. The cards must be from NFL sets with the player depicted in his pro uniform (they can't be pictured in a college or generic uniform - Pro Bowl Uniforms are acceptable). I will also accept cards with game-used ball, glove, shoe, helmet, etc. Certified autos must be from 2010 to present and from a pro set and NOT a draft set (no Press Pass, SAGE, etc.), Again, no Pacific or Collector's Edge, and the player must be pictured in his pro uniform.

I am willing to buy draft set game-used and autos but at a lower price. If interested, let me know what you have.

I will also buy junk baseball game-used and autos for .60 each and junk basketball game-used and autos for .50 each. I can send you my buying criteria if interested.

I am also buying serial-numbered cards from 2009 to present (no draft sets). I pay .10 each for these (I would be willing to buy pre-2009 & draft serial-numbered for less). Let me know what you have. Thanks!
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