BUYING Junk Game-Used & Autos for .60 Each


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Hi, I'm buying 2006-present junk hockey game-used and autos for .60 each. Here's my buying criteria:

I'm not interested in draft GU or Pacific GU/autos. I can't use minor league jersey cards. The cards must be from NHL sets with the player depicted in his pro uniform (he can't be pictured in a minor league or generic uniform - All-Star uniforms are acceptable). I will also accept cards with game-used stick, pad, glove, etc. Autos must be from 2006 to present, and from a professional set (not a draft set), picturing the player in his pro uniform.

I am willing to buy draft and minor league game-used and autos but at a lower price. If interested, let me know what you have.

I will also buy junk 2006-present baseball game-used and autos for .60 each and junk 2006-present basketball game-used and autos for .50 each. I can send you my buying criteria for those sports if interested.

I am also buying serial-numbered cards from 2009 to present (no draft sets). I pay .10 each for these (I would be willing to buy pre-2009 & drat serial-numbered for less). Let me know what you have. Thanks!