Calling all Bowlers ( The Natural )


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i am contemplating buying a new ball. I currently throw a Fired up and a Raging Banshee. I average roughly 17.5 MPH ( 16 lb ) and play about 12 to 6 with a break at about 43 ft. I am wanting to know if anyone knows anyone that throws the natural and what kind of lane conditions it is used on. I am averaging 221 so I know I am doing just fine. The problem I am having is holding that line for 3 games. I feel I have to overthrow the ball and then I get late or early reaction depending on how early I swing it outside. I have moved as far as playing up 19 and swinging to 10-12 but am ending up having the 6 go around the 10. I think the natural ( urethane ) will help late in the night when the shot goes to crap. Please if you have any info ( i have searched online ) from personal experience please lmk. thanks Mike


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I don't have any personal experience with the natural, but have you tried moving over more and throwing it lighter later in the night? I use a Columbia 300 Momentum, and play the same line the whole first game, then move 2 boards over around 7th or 8th frame in the second game, then another board in the third and throw it a little softer. Hope this helps.