Can we please stop all the silly bumps of ebay listings that are expired


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I know this isn't the right forum, but I don't get all the copy and paste postings bumping up expired ebay postings. I know why Peter does them initially, but these guys copying and pasting "thanks" and such on them just clutter the forums. If they are current, great. But the only thing I can see is that people are just trying to generate Bench Bucks. The Bench Bucks program is a great idea, but this is just taking advantage of a program for free stuff in my opinion. These posts aren't really contributing to the site. They are pasting the same thing on listings and doing it in the quickest way possible. If they were actually reading the listings, they would see the auctions they are bumping were from November.



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I hear ya! You'd think the ones with a few hundred trader points would know better but like you say they appear to just be racking up the buck system.