Cardinals HOF "gravestone" Flood, Simmons, Forsch, Kissell $12 shipped

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I went to a wedding in St. Louis this past summer and the couple rented out the budweiser roof patio thing. These were all over and I assume they were the giveaway ala bobbleheads for that game. It is a 2015 edward jones cardinals HOF gravestone featuring Bob Forsch, George Kissell, Ted Simmons & Curt Flood. It is in original box, never opened. I saw what it looks like from the many people who did open theirs. I see one on ebay right now for 13.50, that person has 4 of them, I just brought home one. It took a bit of searching to find it on ebay, if you need to see what it looks like. I found it by typing cardinals hall of fame. No idea what shipping would be, but I would do $12 shipped if any cardinals fans want this item.