Cats and Prey?


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This might be alittle rough for some,maybe you might
want to move on,sorry.
About 3 years ago a stray(probably dumped)
showed up at our place and eventually adopted
me as his human.
The other night(AM)I went outside and heard a
strange sound and he came out of the bushes with
a young rabbit in his mouth.He dropped it near my feet
and ran away when I scolded him.
I touched the rabbit and it darted away,but not very
far.It relocated itself where I could not readily get at it,
I hoped it would eventually make it's escape.
Well, this morning when I went out,I found the rabbit dead
and it's head was missing.
I don't doubt that the cat came back,eventually was able to
recapture the rabbit and finished it off.What I want to know is
whether HE might have bitten it off and carried it off somewhere
or just left it and another animal(bird maybe,we have seen an occasional hawk)do the deed.
Would/Do cats deal with prey that way?He's well fed,so hunger was
not a factor.


it would have to be a very small rabbit for a cat to chew its head off. more than likely it was a coon, skunk or possum that did it in. the cat may have wounded it but i seriously doubt it took its head off.

but that is the way of the out of doors dude. it brought you its prey becasue it sees you as the alpha and is showing you what good it has done, and scolding it was not the right thing to do, sure its a normal reaction, but its the way of the wild.

and i know cats too, being an old jar head, i have 6 of the dam things in my life and love em too, and also volunteer at a shelter for cat as well as foster them too, so i do have some knowledge here.


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Yeah,I understand about bringing me the prise.
It's not the first time he's brought me one.He
delivered one last summer,but I was able to relocate it.
We do have occasional possum and raccoon sightings,
so you might be right.
As for scolding him,I doubt if he'll be damaged.It never
affected him befor:D .


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I love cats and would like to help.
The reason the cat brought you the bunny and laid it at your
feet was to share the kill with you. This may sound strange, but
thats his/her way of paying you back for your kindness. Scolding
really does no good. Reason being that it is your cats instincts to
do this for you. Domestic cats are no different from big cats(lion,tiger,etc)
other than size and that big cats have there claws out all of the time.
The instincts are the same. Cats are perfect killing machines big or small.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like dead rabbits any more than you, but
you may as well get used to it. Sounds like you have a good way with
cats to earn the trust of a stray.

Tim Carroll

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I watched a neighbor's cat do some amazing things. I have witnessed it capture and kill a bird and a squirrel in the same week!