Celebrity convention (Lexington)


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I took my three-year-old daughter with me to her first convention last weekend. It was exciting for me because I got to meet some of the celebrities I saw on the screen growing up and fun for her to see all of the costumes, eat the food, and meet some celebrities too (even though she had no idea who they were). Here are some autos I had signed although we met some other folks too like: SGT Slaughter, Robert Hayes, Michael Biehn, & Tara Reid.

Kinley's favorite was Vern Troyer, AKA Mini Me. She said, "Daddy, he is so little and cute!"

Then the cast of "The Never Ending Story"
Noah Hathaway

Allan Oppenheimer

Deep Roy

a friend of mine who was stationed in the 101st Airborne with me back in the late 90's, Mr Santiago Cirilo:

Kindergarten Cop's own bad guy, Mr. Richard Tyson:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High's Mr. Robert Damone:

My daughter picked all of the photos so the movies don't match up but fun times were still had by all!


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Hey DeWayne
Looks like you and your daughter had a great time at the convention but taking her with and spending quality time together PRICELESS


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Sounds like a ton of fun Dewayne, the times spent with our children are the best ever, the venue or activity doesn't much matter!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc