Chat Room Trade Night - Tuesday 11/3

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Apr 29, 2008
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The calendar is turning and the first Tuesday of the month will be on us shortly!!

Hope to see some folks in the chat room tomorrow night - I will be looking for Kirby Puckett and some of the 2015 A/G inserts that I still need, as well as 2015 Topps Football.

For the first time since August, I don't have baseball practice on a Tuesday night, so I should be able to be in the chat room no later than 8pm (EST).

Thanks to everyone who popped in last month - seems like the trade night is getting a little bigger each time and maybe picking up a little momentum.

I personally got two trades done and I know at least one other one was completed as well.

If you haven't taken advantage of the chat room or the private chat feature - give it a shot at some point, both are super easy ways of communicating and it makes working out the details of a trade super easy - no waiting for responses to PM's or threads.

And of course, the chat room isn't limited to just the first Tuesday of the month - jump in and use the "Invite Users" button and see if anyone who is currently online has a minute or two to pop in and get a deal done, or maybe just talk sports.

I am the last person in the world to embrace change and technology, but the last batch of upgrades that Pete and the other technical mods added to The Bench, have given all the members here multiple opportunities to make trading easier.