Check out this "deal" on a Ted Williams GU!!!


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just checked out there other auctions and buy now prices talk about pricing way over book value.
yet they seem to do good bussiness

Tim Carroll

5.00 star(s)
Killer card, but Holy Crap! Has to be some dumb people buying cards.

Nah...not dumb. I have bought 3 or 4 things from Burbank. When you are a player collector or SP set builder, there are a few cards that come across rarely - if ever. If you want the card bad enough, and you have enough spare change that you will not feel bad about dropping it....go for it. I have bought some Bill Hall cards from them. Granted, they were not $499 cards - but for Bill Hall - the $129 I spent was plenty enough. I bought them a couple fo years ago, and I am still happy with the cards. I obviously know that they will never be sold for a profit, and I knew that when I bought them. It wasn't about that. I am happier with the Hall cards than the money I spent on them.