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Check out this "deal" on a Ted Williams GU!!!

Tim Carroll

5.00 star(s)
Killer card, but Holy Crap! Has to be some dumb people buying cards.

Nah...not dumb. I have bought 3 or 4 things from Burbank. When you are a player collector or SP set builder, there are a few cards that come across rarely - if ever. If you want the card bad enough, and you have enough spare change that you will not feel bad about dropping it....go for it. I have bought some Bill Hall cards from them. Granted, they were not $499 cards - but for Bill Hall - the $129 I spent was plenty enough. I bought them a couple fo years ago, and I am still happy with the cards. I obviously know that they will never be sold for a profit, and I knew that when I bought them. It wasn't about that. I am happier with the Hall cards than the money I spent on them.