Chicago Sun-Times November Show

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I'll be there on the Saturday. Haven't missed one of these in about two years! :)
I live down the block I'll be there. For any of you who want the best hot dogs in Town check out Gene and Jude's on River road and grand, less then 2 miles from the show and Real cheap!
I live down the block I'll be there. For any of you who want the best hot dogs in Town check out Gene and Jude's on River road and grand, less then 2 miles from the show and Real cheap!

Now you just gave me a craving. Thanks...
Lots of big names, if you have bundles of spare cash lying around! There are no shows of this magnitude in my area, but I'm not sure I would go if there were these days. Ebay suits me just fine, although I do like to dig through bargain boxes.

I can't believe shows are still charging admission. I'm sure this show costs lots to promote, but that should be a cost absorbed by the promoters and dealers, who stand to make money if people come and spend their money.

Admission seemed to be a big thing in the heydays of the "investment" area. Shows were popular and the promoters could get whatever they wanted. Now days, I'd think the promoters would be happy to get butts in the door to buy w/o charging admission to boot. I'm sure there is parking to pay as well. Less money to spend on sports stuff!
Will be there Saturday with my kids. Always look forward to this show.

I always find it interesting as to how they arrive at some of these prices for autos. I suppose supply and demand but you have Seaver and Ozzie for 59 and Curtis Granderson for 99?? That makes me laugh.
I assume it is a factor of the players or agents setting prices for appearances.

I noticed Julio Cruz is a VIP package guest, but only $15 otherwise. Since he apparently lives in Wa, it would cost money to fly out and stay in a hotel (if needed). I assume Cruz and the others don't pay for that stuff as it is probably covered in the signing agreement.

I met Cruz when he was a sidebar to a Franklin Gutierrez signing in my area. Cruz apparently only lives a few minutes from the shop and appeared for free, signing for free as well. It was somewhat sad when I showed up and the line wound around the shop and outside the door. There were maybe 50 people there, waiting. Gutierrez was late for the start of the event but Cruz was already inside. The shop asked if anyone was here just for Cruz (as Gutierrez was $15). I was the only one, so I went straight to the front. Cruz signed everything I had (about 15 autos) and thanked me for coming and remembering him! I suspect he signed many autos that night, but probably only because he was there, free and offering. This was the Seattle area too, where the man played the best years of his career!

I miss those days, when more players would do that, but I suspect that the resale aspect of autographs has soured many of the players willing to sign for free only to see those free autos resold on ebay!
Have not been to a large card show in years...Last one was about 4 years ago Tri-Star show in Labor day in San Francisco! Looks like I'll have to go to the show in May of next year in San Francisco to what I have been missing. Best regards, David
I will be there on Sunday, I have not missed in years.

Any other Benchies going on Sunday?

There is a small chance that I will make it on Saturday or Sunday. I live in Evanston at the moment so it's a bit of a haul when you don't have a car. I'm thinking about really starting collecting seriously again, it's been a while
any meeting place / time on saturday?

Looks like Tim and I will be getting there around 10 AM and staying most of the day. We have no table though, will be just walking around doing interviews with vendors and patrons. I know I will be spending a large chunk of time at the ***** Leagues booth doing interviews.

Worse comes to worse look for the guy with the really long goatee and blue tinted glasses with a rolling suitcase.

Tim is harder to find, he has a tattoo of Tweety Bird on his left cheek so you may have to do a bit of searching:eek: :p
Hey Everyone,

Why don't we meet in the concessions area at 2:00 p.m.?

In my experience, that's right by the ***** League booth and the lunch crowd has cleared out by then. Also, that will give folks time to look around and get some stuff before we meet.

Just an idea. I'll break for lunch then and if people want to join me that's great. I, too will have a rolling suitcase, definitely won't have a goatee but will wear my George Brett HOF jersey for easy identification. Plus, I'm not too hard to spot since I'm about the only woman half-way interested in cards.

Looking forward to meeting a few more Benchies (Matt, Tim and I have already met),