Chicago WhiteSox VS Charlotte Knights

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Oct 22, 2009
I just wanted to share my family's successful trip to Charlotte last week. We were able to get a few of the players and coaches autographs - and a few stories as well. First off - Juanne Pierre is still one of the best autograph signers that I have ever met. This was my second time seeing him and he signed for everyone by the bus after the game. Second, Ozzie Guillen lived up to his reputation. While in the stands, Ozzie hopped up in my row and just started signing for everyone. He continued to be colorful and say some pretty funny stuff. But, I liked how he took it upon himself, in an impromptu manner, to kind of join the fans. Last, I was surprised at how soft spoken and friendly that Alexei Ramriez was for the crowd. He was with some family and friends. But, he would sign for those that came up and asked him. In fact, I gave a card to him out of appreciation. He then gave it to a family member and they thanked me personally. Anyway, we had a good time and also got autographs of:

Paul Konerko
AJ Pierzynski
Harold Baines
Chris Chambliss
Gary Ward
Brent Lillibridge
Richard Dotson
John Danks
Justin Cassel
Javier Castillo
Wes Whisler
Dan Hudson
Alejandro De Aza
White Sox

Nice group of current and former White Sox, Congrats

Thanks. AJ was the designated media signer for the day. Boy was he in a bad mood. People were handing him stuff to sign and he was tossing the stuff back up in the air. I saw several kids have their cards creased or corners mashed up because they were hitting the floor like 52 card pick-up. Harold Baines was my idol growing up and I was glad to get his auto. But, he was not friendly that day either. But, I did get some nice additions. I also heard some strange things from local Chicago residents. They were saying that the players signed more here than they did for their home fans. I hope that this is not true.
congrats, the couple of times i have met danks, he was always a cool dude.