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Sorry for the late thread 'bout Christmas but forgot to mention this gift I got for my christmas present. I got (drumroll please...)

Tickets to the fourth home game at Target Field!!!!!

Friggin sweet present and I am so pumped to go to that game. The tickets are right behind the dugout so hopefully I can snag some sweet autographs.

David K.

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Sweet!!! I'm a Twins fan on the West Coast .....born and raised in California....Visalia Oaks a long time ago.....were the Twins single A team in California...watched Tom Kelly and Puckett. I'll be going into A's stadium (McAfee) to root for the Twins this year!! Thats why I have the road cap on!! Happy New Year! David


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East Coast Twins fan here, I usually catch 1 game at Yankee Stadium and at least one more at Camden Yards. Very nice gift, hoping to get out to Minneapolis someday and see them in their home unis....


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I heard it was might be called for snow. :D
Nah, Great ahead to any game especially that sweet behind the plate. Plan well to get those autos cause they dont come easy (Im sure you know) I use to get in there and wrestle with the best of them for park graphs but I just got to the point (and old) where I said enough is enough I am going to a show and pay to meet that guy and make him sign. You should have a great time though and be sure to bring back pics and scans.

Happy New Year!