Closed Breaking 2-26-23 at 1100! Random Divisions 2022 Heritage Minors - 4 Autos Henry Davis, Jobe, etc.

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA
Hi Guys

Hi Guys
Break complete! I didn't know the majority of the players, but apparently hit some decent autographs.
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2022 Topps Heritage Minors Real One Autographs #ROAOC Oscar Colas Chicago White Sox $40
2022 Topps Heritage Minors Real One Autographs #ROACMY Colson Montgomery EXCH White Sox $25
2022 Topps Heritage Minors Real One Autographs #ROAJCL Jonatan Clase Mariners $15
2022 Topps Heritage Minors Real One Autographs #ROAFP Federico Polanco Marlins $8

Been separating the cards into teams and found I'd pulled for LarryG a Bobby Witt Flip Stock 2/25!
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Plus a mystery blaster of a Topps product.
Plus Broke two blasters of 2022 Topps Chrome...all the base cards were added to the 2020 Stadium Club/2021 Topps Gallery Break That closed, added here!

Have two HOBBY boxes of 2022 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues Baseball.
Product Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 18 packs per box
Total 2 boxes 288 cards

2022 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Hobby Box Break​

  • 2 Autographs x 2
  • 1 Box Topper Pack (3 Pin-Up cards) x 2

There are 6 divisions and are only $30 each. Interested bidders can choose a position 1- 6 and once all 6 positions are full, I will send out invoices. Once the money is in, I will schedule the break on YouTube and will begin the video using to pick who gets which division. I will then open the 3 boxes.
Some of the top autos include Henry Davis, Jackson Jobe, Marcelo Mayer, and Colton Cowser.

Division Picks Spots
1 LarryG NL Central Hit
2 Molitor04x AL West Hit
3 Gwynn_fan NL East Hit
4 @kpit1978 AL East
5 gwynn_fan NL West
6 LarryG AL Central Hit Hit Hit

Any questions please ask.
Thanks Bob
When the spots are full, will also break the Contest 6 box.
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