CLOSED - Congrats Mike! -JSA Certified Jose Bautista Autographed Ball!


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Happy Holidays everybody! I'm holding a simple contest for you guys, the grand prize wins a JSA certified autographed baseball of Blue Jays All-Star Outfielder, Jose Bautista! The second prize winner will get a complete base set of my Custom Allen & Ginter Minis.

Contest is open to all Bench members with the exclusion of anybody who has won one of my contests before OR anybody who already owns one of my completed custom Allen & Ginter sets.

After wagering a guess here, please make your way over to the free card forum where I am giving away five card lots of my custom 2008 Allen & Ginter cards!

Thanks all for participating! Feel free to guess for one or both of these contests in your posting!

Here's the contest:

For the Jose Bautista autographed ball:
What number SHOULD appear on the back of this custom Allen & Ginter card of Michael Morse? (Hint: Guess between 0-100)

For the complete set:
What name SHOULD appear on the front of this custom Allen & Ginter card?

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I will guess 63 on the Bautista contest and 4 on the mini contest. Hope I did that correct.

Thanks for the contest and Merry Christmas,