Colts vs. Eagles


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Thanks for sharing! Is that Tony ....former of the Chiefs? Best regards, David

thanks for viewing...

no, it's Anthony Gonzalez, a third year Wide Receiver who played for Ohio State in college. Look for him to have a big year as he is stepping up to play the #2 WR w/Peyton as the QB.

Tony Gonzalez is with the Atlanta Falcons this year I think...


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Congrats on seeing a Colts game live. I've been down to see the Colts in the old RCA dome but have not yet been to Lucas Oil. The last game we went to we were at the AFC championship game against the Patriots. That was a humdinger. We've been down to Terra Haute for training camp also. Lifelong Colts fan here.

I've said the only thing holding us back from multiple super bowl wins is our offensive line and it looks like that may be the case again this year with Ugoh underperforming and getting benched. I hope Peyton doesn't get hurt behind those guys.