Columbus Day Trading Thread!! (Vintage, Autos, Chrome RCs, Refractors, etc)


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Can you give me some more info on the Betences Auto??
Need the BV if you have it or else card ID year & number.



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Cornwellfamily- Hi there! I did not see anything I need from the link you provided. The Mantle graded is nice though :) Please share the other link you have concentrating on cards from the era I collect. Appreciate it! BRI


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Hi. Interested in the 1st Bowman Chrome Trea Turner & Matt Carpenter... LMK what you are looking for in trade.... thanks, Rooster.


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How about this trade. You get the Roger Clemens Canvas & the Derek Jeter Topps RC.
In return I would get these:

2018 Topps Triple Threads Auto/99 Dellin Betances
2016 Topps Museum Matt Holliday Meaningful Materials /50
2018 Topps Update All-Star Stitches Luis Severino
2018 Topps Update Acuna/Albies #US43

Let me know what you think.


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Hi there my friend, looking for a decent 90s insert/parallel for the pair. Thanks

I think I will focus on the 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP66 Matt Carpenter. Here are inserts that I have:

-1999 Stad.Club VR 5 Video Replay hologram

-1992 UD HR21 HR Heroes
-1993 Select 46of90 NL Slugging Leaders
-1994 Pinnacle TR8 Tribute
-1995 Leaf 3of16 Great Gloves
-1995 SP PP2 Platinum Power
-1995 UD #70 Special Edition insert
-1999 UD G7 GS RB
-1999 UD SQ 7 Choice StarQuest Blue insert

-1991 StadClub nno (9) Charter Member
-1992 Leaf BC-2 Heritage Series

-1997 C.Choice 30of45 StarQuest
-1999 UD SQ 10 Choice StarQuest Blue
-1999 UD L9 Launchers

-1993 Fleer nno# Golden Moments emt

-1990 Bowman #5 insert 1 of 11
-1994 Donruss DK-16 Diamond King

-1994 Score #36. Gold Rush parallel
-1995 SP #27 CL die cut
-1997 C.Choice 8of45 The Big Show
-1997 C.Choice PP20 Premier Power
-1997 Fleer 14of20 Headliners

-1992 Donruss SG 18 Spirit of the Game
-1992 Fleer 11of24 A.S.
-1992 SuperStars #92-5 pg.19 of 3 cards
-1992 Ultra 9of20 AS
-1993 Leaf 4of10 Confident
-1993 Leaf 8of10 Strength
-1993 Pinnacle 24of30 Cooperstown Card
-1994 Fleer 1of6 Award Winner
-1994 Ultra 19of25 award winner
-1995 C.Choice #1 CG19 Crash the Game emt
-1995 Fleer 2of25 AS
-1995 Topps LL9 League ldrs.
-1996 Score 7of9 The Franchise
-1997 C.Choice 10of45 AS Connection
-1997 C.Choice #30 Stick Ums
-1997 Topps AS3 A.S.
-1998 C.Choice SQ 41 StarQuest
-1999 UD SQ 7 Choice StarQuest blue common

-1993 Fleer F-3 Final Ed.
-1995 CC #60 Special Ed. Silver Signature
-1999 UD SQ 1 Choice StarQuest
-2001 UD #BB19 Big League Beat

-1990 Fleer #7 AS insert
-1995 Topps AL02 Profiles Carlos Baerga (or '96?)
-1997 Collector’s Choice #26 Stick Ums

-1995 C.Choice CG 16 Crash the Game silver set
-1995 Ultra 9of10 All Rookies
-1997 C.Choice 15of45 AS

-1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown Card insert
-1999 Stad Club VR1 Video Reply hologram insert
-1999 Topps P3 Power
-1999 UD M13 MarkZ History
-2000 Victory nno sweepstakes card
-2001 UD SS3 Super Star Summit

-1993 Flair 12of20 Wave of the Future
-1994 Donruss 7of28 MVP
-1994 Flair 7of10 Infield Power
-1994 Pinnacle 2of25 New Generation
-1995 Fleer 1of25 AS
-1999 UD SQ 4 Choice StarQuest Blue insert
-1999 Ultra 15of30RK RBI Kings
-2000 Stad.Club 2A 3 x 3 insert D.C.
-2001 UD PC6 People's Choice

-1991 UD #95F Final Edition AS

-1995 Fleer 13of25 AS
-1997 C.Choice #4 Stick-Ums

-1990 Fleer 11 of 12 World Series factory set
-1990 Fleer 17of44 MVP
-1991 Score #B4 Cooperstown
-1991 Stad.Club nno (13) Charter Member MVP
-1991 Stad.Club nno (14) Charter Member SB
-1997 Fleer 24of50 Million Dollar Moments
-1999 UD 20of30 Choice mini bobbing head

-1990 Bowman #11 Sweepstakes insert
-1992 Stad.Club nno# Members Only emt
-1993 Donruss SG 20 Spirit of the Game

-1992 Ultra 6of25 Award Winners
-1993 Pinnacle 18of30 Cooperstown Card insert
-1993 UD D9 on deck
-1995 Pinnacle 2of30 AS Fanfest
-1998 C.Choice 29of30 Stick-Ums

-1990 Topps 3of22 AS Glossy
-1991 Sports Card News #12 News & Price Guide magazine
-1991 UD #93F Final Ed.
-1991 Stad.Club nno (26) Charter Member
-1992 SuperStars #92-6 from pg.19 of 3 cards

-1996 Fleer 17of20 Team
-1999 UD SQ 2 Choice Star Quest blue

-1992 Fleer 2of24 AS
-1994 CC #122 Silver Signature
Denny's 14of28 hologram
-1994 Donruss 13of28 MVP
-1995 Topps LL4
-1997 Topps HM 5 Hobbie Masters
-1998 C.Choice 23of30 Stick Ums
-UD SQ 2 Choice StarQuest

-1990 Fleer 1of6 For †he Record
-1990 Fleer No.5 League Standouts
-1991 Sports Card News #17 News & Price Guide magazine
-1992 Donruss SG7 Spirit of the Game
-1993 UD D5 On Deck
-1995 Fleer 4of25 AS -Matt Williams on back
-1999 UD #X-15 10th Anniv. Team insert
-2000 StadClub CA18 Capture the Action insert
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HI. included my list above....
would also be interested in your
2019 Bowman Chrome Prospects Mega Box Refractor BCP 13 Kelenic
2011 Topps Heritage #76 Freddie Freeman
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Hi there! Can use these...

Piazza wave of the future
Piazza 2000 Stadium Club 3x3

Let me make sure I still have those and I will post if your ok w the 2 I need for the 3 you need. Thanks


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Would be interested in the LeMahieu cards. I don't know the BV on them, if you could provide I can see what 90's inserts I can trade. I have mostly Jeters/Mantles. lmk thx Jim