Common complaint...Gotta get it off my chest!


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I'm not going to mention names, but I am extremely frustrated when you spend time trying to work out a deal, go back and forth trying to make it work so the other guy can get what he needs, and then they just won't acknowledge your replies.

I spent time looking over wantlists and copying/pasting from my spreadsheet to compile a list for a particular trader. They had a couple of cards I needed, low end, but they're just as valuable to my collection as an auto I feel. Anyway, days and days go by without a response, so I pick up the cards one by one in other trades with other members. A reply is finally answered, and I explain that I have picked up the cards I needed and ask if they would like to still work out a help them out. They comply, so I check their tradelist and put together possible proposals. Now, keep in mind, I am only doing this to help out the other guy. They insist that I try to find something in trade, because they would really like to pick these cards of mine up.

Numerous PM's and even replying to one of their updated threads...and nothing in reply! In the early stages of this I pulled the cards they wanted, to make sure the condition was per their specifications. These cards have been packed up for a while now, and this person will not respond with even a "sorry, i'm not interested anymore". What has agrivated me the most is that they're still posting and updating threads every day or two....

It's one thing to be idle for a couple days, a week, a year...and show no activity. I can understand that, and do not have a complaint. I was in that boat several times in the past for various reasons. I even understand if you miss a post here or there...overlook it due to multiple replies. BUT, you're notified via email when you recieve a PM, and can even set it up to notify you on topic replies. Also, when you go to the Bench site, the number of PM's is in BOLD! As well as replies to topics!

Am I alone with this complaint? I am just very frustrated at this point, and felt like ranting...Thanks for reading, and thanks to all of you who make this simple and respectful. A simple "No thanks" shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings...


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Very frustrating!!!

When this happens to me I give them a week to reply. If none is made, I ignore it and move on.

Trading on The Bench is often like the life of a salesman - it's all a numbers game.


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Happens to everybody...won't be the first and won't be the least it doesn't happen very often....Do what I do, make a "DO NOT TRADE WITH LIST"
I have mine taped to my computer screen...I'm up to 7...not bad for 3.5 years here...


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Its upsetting when they repeatedly ignore you. I know Ive been guilty of losing track of trade talks, and also saying id reply and not getting to it. But generally 1 Reminder PM is all it takes for me to finish the deal. I generally notice it with newer traders though, at least a much higher percent than dealing with traders who have been around for at least 3 Years or more.



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I think "interest" in this kind of market can be misinterpreted. I see a large percentage of people who don't list prices. The price seems to be arbitrary in cases, based on the moment, so it is withheld perhaps?

When I inquire on the price of something that isn't otherwise priced, it should not be an indication to the owner that I want it and I don't feel the need to tell them "no thanks" or "too much" if I don't like the price I receive. If the item was priced to begin with, I could browse silently and either buy it, make a counter or move on without even interacting with the owner. This is my biggest complaint with card shops. They don't price anything, then I have to ask for prices on everything. You soon figure out who prices to sell and who prices their stuff in "fantasy world"! I think a lot of sellers have this mind set though. I have had several people follow up with me on items I asked for pricing on, when I didn't respond after the initial request for price. I may not even answer then. My silence should be the answer.

Trading is probably a lot different because it takes some effort to bring together usually, but I seldom trade here.


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It's happened to me before, here and on other sites. I just feel it's necessary to respond to all posts and PM's. I have missed posts before, and sometimes you get the "I think you missed me" or "bump for reply", etc. No problem on that.

Yeah, I think it is more common with the newer generation. One of the most frustrating things about this one is that they asked me to "try to find something" on their trade list, because they really wanted the cards I hd for them.

I might start that "Do Not Trade With" list. However, they might have something I really want one day...tough decision.

ALso, would it be juvenile of me to post the cards they want for "FREE", and if they reply about getting them, refuse? Part of me wants to go back to my teens and do that, but the other part of me (I guess the older, mature part) says i'm too old for that...I'd give the cards away (which includes an AUTO), just not to this particular person.

Thanks for the replies. I enjoyed reading them.