Complete! FOUR 2023 Topps Holiday Mega Boxes 4 Hits (Bonus card added)

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA
Well, it was kind of lonely, but I mustered through the break. No Autos, numbered cards and no Santa Claus.
2023 Holiday Break.jpg
The YouTube link!
Thanks all, Bob

Butch came through again and closed out the last $29
Target is $180 Bids $180 To Go $0
plus $4 shipping no matter how many team you win!

You are bidding on 30 Team break of Four Mega boxes of Topps Holiday Baseball!

2023 Topps HolidayBid
Arizona Diamondbackszaccheus85$8.00
Colorado Rockieszaccheus85$5.00
Los Angeles DodgersSasquatch$8.00
San Diego Padresgwynn_fan$8.00
San Francisco Giantszaccheus85$3.00
Chicago Cubscubman1941$5.00
Cincinnati Redszaccheus85$3.00
Milwaukee Brewersaspoe093$2.00
Pittsburgh PiratesButch's Buddy$8.00
St. Louis Cardinalspeaceandlove$6.00
Atlanta BravesButch's Buddy$10.00
Miami Marlinszaccheus86$3.00
New York Metsseawolf17$4.00
Philadelphia PhilliesButch's Buddy$5.00
Washington Nationalszaccheus89$3.00
Houston AstrosButch's Buddy$5.00
Los Angeles Angelsbdink25$8.00
Oakland Athleticszaccheus85$3.00
Seattle Marinerszaccheus85$3.00
Texas RangersButch's Buddy$8.00
Chicago White Soxzaccheus85$3.00
Cleveland Indianszaccheus85$3.00
Detroit TigersButch's Buddy$5.00
Kansas City RoyalsBdink25$6.00
Minnesota TwinsButch's Buddy$4.00
Baltimore Oriolesbdink25$16.00
Boston Red Soxbdink25$7.00
New York Yankeesbdink25$14.00
Tampa Bay RaysButch's Buddy$6.00
Toronto Blue JaysSasquatch$8.00
Target $180To Go$0.00

Please note: This is just running on thebenchtrading

2023 Topps Holiday MLB Baseball Trading Cards Mega Box​

2023 Topps Holiday Baseball Mega Box remains a fixture of the seasonal offerings even if the release date seems to change every year.

Topps clearly got an early start this time with Walmart presales available in October.

Boxes again contain one hit (autograph, relic or auto relic) and one ornament box-Loader card!

As always, the 2023 Topps Holiday Baseball Mega Box checklist puts a winter spin on the flagship design with 200 base cards.
Applying some shine to the main design, each box also contains five Metallic Holiday parallels.

Another 2023 Topps Holiday Baseball Mega Box chase comes courtesy of Kris Kringle himself in The Santa Claus Archives. These limited inserts display previous Topps designs with Santa in action, and some add a facsimile signature.

2023 Topps Holiday Baseball Mega Box Cards Checklist and Odds

2023 Topps Holiday Baseball checklist, team lists, set details, boxes for sale, odds, reviews, date. Find 1 autograph or relic per Mega box.

Arrives by Tue, Nov 28 Buy 2023 Topps Holiday MLB Baseball Trading Cards Mega Box - 0.5 lb at

Any Questions? Please ask.
Thanks Bob

1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50 Unless already gone!
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.


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Bob, my buddy (mark Butch's buddy) would like these.

Pirates $6
Rangers $6
Tigers $4
Phillies $4
Rays $5

I'll take the Orioles $12. Thanks Butch
Bob, let's get this over with.

My buddy will do the following:

Pirates $8
Phillies $5
Rangers $8
Tigers $5
Rays $6
Astros $5
Twins $4
Braves $10
Total raised $12

I'll do these:

Yankees $14
Orioles $16
Red Sox $7
Angels $8
Royals $6 or whatever is needed to close it out.
Total raised: $17