Complete Ortiz 2/2 auto, Fergie.Real one auto, Cronenworth 6/10 patch! Diamond King Hobby & DK FotL Boxes Plus 2021 Heritage!


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HI Guys

All the picks have been made and all the payments have been made
Aiming to break at 6 :30 p.m. PDT tomorrow Monday 5-17-21 (6 month half way to 70)

Break will be live on youtube and will post the link video here on post 1. If you want to chat live, just click on the "watch on YouTube" link Much more fun when there's an audience to chat with.

Thanks again for being a part of my breaks. Not sure when the next break will be or what it will be. Panini Absolute is coming out on the 26, Depends what it books at.

I have a box of 2021 Diamond Kings Hobby and a Box of Diamond Kings first off the line, that was mailed today (Friday) and should have in hand on Monday.

DK Break.jpg

The HITS from the Break. I think we did very well, considering The tough stuff we were opening.
2021 Diamond Kings Bat Kings #26 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
2021 Diamond Kings Aficionado Holo Blue #3 Hank Greenberg 64/99 Tigers
2021 Topps '86 Topps Relics #86RWB Walker Buehler Dodgers
2021 Diamond Kings DK Quad Material Signatures #11 Brendan McKay Rays
2021 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs #ROAFJ Fergie Jenkins Cubs
2021 Diamond Kings Wood Frame #20 Lou Gehrig Yankees 14/15
2021 Diamond Kings DK Materials Purple #40 Jake Cronenworth 6/10 Padres
and the best
2021 Diamond Kings Signed Lithographs Red #11 David Ortiz 2/2 Red Sox

Teams picked all ready
1 jordanrulz Yankees Athletics Cubs
2 Roger16 Cardinals Pirates Astros
3 mechjo16 Tigers Twins Mets
4 Molitor04x Angels Phillies Nationals
5 Pinetarboys Padres Blue Jays Reds
6 topdawg91129 Braves Mariners Royals
7 bengyax Giants Orioles Indians
8 BDinks Marlins Rangers Diamondbacks
9 Gwynn_fan Dodgers Rays Brewers
10 Horfin White Sox. Red Sox Rockies

Thanks BobDKBreak4..jpg.jpegDKBreak5.jpeg
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I’ll take a random team. Once you have 14 teams chosen just pick me one of the remaining


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Hi Guys
Just broke a box of 2020 Leaf Flash and displayed what will be the last entry (maybe) to add to the break. Not the Flash, but watch...



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thanks for the topps add.only way i can get anything new around here is get in these breaks.finding cards right now is just really hard.card shop cant even get anything.supplier keeps giving him the run around.cant wait until the spots are filled


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Hi Guys
Well roomer has it that Target has temporarily stop selling cards, because of a fight in Wisconsin.
Anyhow...Would those of you that have signed up, be willing to go $50 for three teams and only 10 players? Which would mean, if we would need just one more person, for position 8, I would take position 9 and Horfin would go with spot 10.
Let me know what you think.
Right now the break is consisting of 1 2021 Diamond Kings FotL box, 1 2021 DK Hobby box, 1 Hanger box of 2021 DK, 1 Blaster of 2021 Heritage, 1 Hanger box of 2021 Heriatage, 1 (so far and opened) 2021 Heritage fat pack, 1 Hanger box of 2021 Donruss,, 6 oddball 80s/90s packs and...the Aaron Judge 2021 Topps tin (with 75 cards, which includes 1 Exclusive 70 years of topps chrome insert, 5 1952 Redux inserts and 1952 chrome redux cards.)
And...after all the picks have been made and paid for, each player in order will pick a number between 2 and 11. Then, after the break, I will roll a pair of dice, until a number has come up four times. The winner will have his cards shipped in the Aaron Judge tin!
So, let me know what each of you think and will try and get this done, soon.
Thanks Bob

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