Completed! 2021 Topps Jumbo S1 box, 6 2021 Topps S1 Fat Packs, 2020 Topps Update Blaster, Prizm Draft Hobby & 1 Blaster Plus More!


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Hi Guys
Here's is the link to the break tomorrow at 1100 Pacific!

Thanks again, Bob

First break went very well! So going a little bigger now with nice group, with 5 Prizm Autos Guarantee!
The Break will consist of the following:
1) 6 Retail Fat Packs of 2021 Topps Baseball: four Royal Blue Parallels (1/pack)
2) 1 Blaster 2020 Topps Update: 99 Total Cards, including one 2020 Player Coin Card! 2 1985 Topps Inserts
3) 1 Blaster 2020 Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks: 30 Cards- 1 Silver Prizm, 2 Green Pulsar and 6 Hyper Green/Yellow Parallels
4) 1 Hobby 2020 Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks: 40 Cards- 5 Autographs, 15 Base Parallels
5 2021 TOPPS Hobby Jumbo 460 cards plus 1 Auto, game used relic and a manufactured relic.
Total Cards available 789! Checklists available at

More Adding to fat packs 2018 Optic!

Here is how this break will work. There are 15 spots and the price is $42 per spot. Each spot gets you TWO teams! When you sign up for the break you tell me what your first team pick is (from unpicked remaining teams). When all 15 spots fill we will go back to the top of the list and pick 2nd teams in the SAME ORDER in which you signed up from spot 1 to spot 15 for your second team pick. Incentive to sign up to grab your teams early! You will get all of the cards of the all players from your 2 teams in this break.
BONUS: If we fill this April 1, I will added 2 2018 Optic Fat Packs plus a few other surprises!

After the 15 spots are full, I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

Draft order

1 greatdadx2 Angels- Indians
2 cjay101Tigers- Red Sox
3 cjay101 Royal- Nationals
4 LarryG Dodgers- Rockies
5 Franklinguy52 Phillies- Blue Jays
6 Franklinguy52 Pirates- Athletics
7 gwynn_fan Padres- Brewers
8 roger16 Cardinals- Astros
9 David K Yankess- Marlins
10 LarryG Orioles- Cubs
11Sasquatch White Sox- Mariners
12 seawolf17 Mets
13 greatdadx2 Rays
14 Franklinguy52 Reds
15 roger16 Braves

Available Teams
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Minnesota Twins
  • San Francisco Giants

  • Texas Rangers
thanks Terri


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Box of 2021 Topps Series 1 JUMBO with 1 Auto & 2 Relic Cards added and 2 more Retail Fat pack added for only $7 more. Buy a second team for $39.

I will send the transaction request, when the first 15 spots are taken.
Thanks Bob


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Hi Guys
Thought maybe the auto list from my two boxes of 2020 Prizm Draft might help, if you on the border of jumping in.
I got ten autos out of the 2020 Prizm Draft Hobby boxes, which are in the Box Break Thread, with the pictures! Out of the ten autographs, five numbered under /25 and two were first round picks! Both Martin & Meyer autos have sold for over $50 a piece!
A-HIC Hyun-Il Choi No# Los Angeles Dodgers
96 Hunter Barnhart 9/50 Neon Orange Tampa Bay Rays in the 3rd round
5 Austin Martin 22/23 Neon Lime Toronto Blue Jays in the 1st round (5th)
121 Joey Wiemer 2/20 Neon Orange Milwaukee Brewers in the 4th round
3 Max Meyer 5/10 Miami Marlins in the 1st round (3rd) Gold
82 David Calabrese 41/60 Los Angeles Angels in the 3rd round Blue
185 Gus Steiger 1/10 Fireworks Cincinnati Reds Gold
EP Erick Pena Kansas City Royals
TS Tarik Skubal Detroit Tigers in the 9th round


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Don't know what to tell you guys. I'm offering more stuff then the majority of the breaks on here. We're close to a thousand cards available in the break. And, everyone that was in the Donruss break, knows I sent more cards then anyone was expecting.
So, hopefully, you guys are checking with your buddies.
I mean, I've all ready busted two bonus packs of 2021 Topps jumbo and planning to add more stuff in addition.
Hopefully, we can get this launched pretty soon, as I am going back to work on the fifteenth. And, I will be concentrating more on eBay and

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