Could use a hand regrading an ebay auction.


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There is an item ending on Ebay in about 5 hours I don't want to miss but I have zero funds now and won't have any spending cash for 1-2 weeks actually. These items only pop up 2 or 3 times a year and I loathe missing them because I never see them again:)

Anyway, if a friend out there in Benchland would be willing to win this auction for me I would appreciate it. Odds are it will end at around $10-15 but there is the off chance it goes as high as $35ish but that is rare. Again, I would not be able to pay you back for a week or two though.

So if anyone is willing to do me this solid and agree to win this auction for me shoot me over a PM and I can give you the auction details.

I'd offer you my firstborn but he's useless still--can't do chores yet and just poops and drools a lot:p