Cubs to win the 2015 World Series


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As one of the bigger Cubs fans here, I'll admit 2015 is still a pipedream. That said, Theo Epstein and crew have shown, there hasn't been a curse. If you out-draft, out-develop, and out-work your opposition, you'll get better than they are. If the club would have gone with this method the last 80 years or so, nobody would be talking about a jinx.


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Speaking as a 40-something life long Red Sox fan, I can tell you how it would feel; liberating. No more "curse". No more being a fan of a laughingstock. No more humbly referring to yourself as a fan in a tone of self-pity. The past 10 years has been a golden age for Red Sox fans. No one mentions the Red Sox old curse any more, and they are typically mentioned in the same breath as historically top teams such as the Yankees, Cardinals and Dodgers.

If the Cubs were to win the World Series, I would see a cultural change of mindset on the part of the fans that would be very similar.


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Would not mind seeing it happen but I think they are a couple of years away. The kids need a little more experience. I do think they will get there before the end of Lester's contract and I have to admit I would love to see it happen.




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It has been a rough go since getting hooked in 84 with the Cubs. Having our rival the Cardinals run such a great organization year-in and year-out makes it worse.

Things are changing though, thinks you can measure. It has been nice to see these new kids lay off of curveballs in the dirt.