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5.00 star(s)
This is to be a running list of all I have for trade, please do not post in this thread, if you are interested in a card, please message me seperately. I want to keep this clean and the only posts are by me. Thank you so much!


Mauer, Joe
2008 Upper Deck Star Quest #SQ-49
Mauer, Joe 2013 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Rookie Reprint #379
Mauer, Joe and Carew, Rod 2015 Topps Inspired Play #I-6
Ohtani, Shohei 2019 Panini Ascension Gold #12 11/199
Puckett, Kirby 2021 Allen & Ginter #146 MINI BLACK BORDER


Acosta, Maximo 2021 Bowman Chrome #BCP-7 ATOMIC REFRACTOR (1st)
Alonso, Pete 2019 Topps #475
Arraez, Luis 2019 Topps Update #US247
Arteaga, Aeverson 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-82 (1st)
Arteaga, Aeverson 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-82 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Bernabel, Warming 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-46 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Burdi, Zack 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary #108 RC BLUE SPARKLE
Buxton, Byron 2015 Topps Heritage 724A SP
Carlson, Dylan 2021 Topps Chrome Update Topps Black Gold #BGC-20 RC
Clase, Jonatan 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-118 (1st) (x2)
Clase, Jonatan
2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-118 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Davis, Henry 2021 Bowman Chrome Draft #BDC48 REFRACTOR
Dunning, Dane 2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire #75 RC GOLD 44/50
Escotto, Maikol 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-52 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Fisk, Carlton (w/Garman and Cooper) 1972 Topps #79
Franco, Wander 2022 Bowman Chrome Rookie of the Year Favs #ROYF-1 RC
Franco, Wander 2022 Diamond Kings #95 RC
Franco, Wander 2022 Select #116 RC PREMIER LEVEL PRIZM
Franco, Wander 2022 Topps #215 RC
Franco, Wander 2022 Topps Fire To The Moon #TTM9 RC
Gimenez, Martin 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-97 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Hayes, Ke'Bryan 2021 Topps All Star Rookie Cup #34 RC
India, Jonathan 2021 Topps Chrome Update #USC74 RC PURPLE REF
Jeffers, Ryan 2021 Topps #552 VARIATION SP
Jordan, Blaze 2021 Bowman Chrome #BCP-71 MEGA REAFRACTOR (1st)
Judge, Aaron 2017 Topps Bunt #20
Lewis, Royce 2021 Bowman #BP-63 RED PARALLEL 5/5
Mauer, Joe 2002 Topps #622
Mendez, Hendry 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-88 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Miranda, Jose 2022 Topps Fire #160 RC RED PARALLEL
Ohtani, Shohei 2018 Topps Opening Day #200 RC
Petty, Chase 2021 Bowman Chrome #BDC-49 (1st) REFRACTOR
Quero, Edgar 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-123 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Rafaela, Ceddanne 2022 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP61
Reyes, Adinso 2021 Bowman Chrome #BCP-21 MEGA REFRACTOR (1st)
Robert, Luis 2020 Topps Chrome 1985 35th Anniversary #85TC-17
Rodriguez, Emmanuel 2021 Bowman #BD-55 BLUE PARALLEL 120/150
Russell, Addison 2015 Topps Update #US220 RC SP
Triana, Michel 2022 Bowman #BP-75 (1st) SKY BLUE PARALLEL 489/499
Vogel, Jake 2021 Bowman Chrome #BCP-59 White Sparkle /299 Bowman 1st
Watson, Kahlil 2022 Bowman #BP-3 (1st)
Watson, Kahlil 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP-3 (1st) MEGA Refractor
Wood, James 2022 Bowman Chrome #BCP108 MEGA REFRACTOR (1st)


Giambi, Jason 2002 SPx SuperStars Swatches #155 314/800
Harper, Bryce (w/Cespedes and Darvish) 2014 Triple Threads #TTRC-CHD (spells future is now) 08/27
Puckett, Kirby 2003 Flair Greats Sweet Swatch Classic bat 216/251 (5x7 card)

White, Evan 2021 Immaculate #M-EW 3 color PATCH 5/7


Baldellii, Rocco 2021 Archives Fan Favorites Auto #FFA-RB PURPLE PARALLEL 149/150
Bautista, Mariel 2021 Bowman Chrome #CPA-MB WHITE SPARKLE PARALLEL 153/299
Cabrera, Miguel (w/Dontelle Willis) 2004 eX Connexions auto #CDA-DW/MC 17/25
Chisholm, Jazz 2021 Stadium Club #SCBA-JCH
Garcia, Anthony 2020 Bowman Chrome #CPA-AG (Bowman 1st)
Gimenez, Martin 2022 Bowman Chrome #CPA-MGZ (Bowman 1st) WHITE SPARKLE PARALLEL 115/299
Gonzales, Nick 2021 Bowman Sterling #BSPA-NG
Gordon, Nick 2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire #RA-NGO
Gray, Seth 2020 Bowman Chrome #CPA-SG (Bowman 1st) GREEN PARALLEL 39/99
Hearn, Ethan 2020 Bowman Chrrome #CPA-EH (Bowman 1st) BLUE PARALLEL 124/150
Nunez, Nasim 2019 Bowman Chrome #CDA-NN (x2)

Pinango, Yohendrick 2021 Bowman Chrome #CPA-YP (Bowman 1st)


Guerrero, Vladimir Jr 2019 Topps NNO PSA 9
Jeter, Derek 1993 Topps #98 PSA 8
Mattingly, Don 1984 Topps #8 PSA 7
Sheffield, Gary 1989 Fleer #196 PSA 9
Soto, Juan 2018 Topps Update #US300 PSA 9
Soto, Juan 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire #224 PSA 9
Suzuki, Ichiro 2001 Topps Gallery #151 JAPANESE PARALLEL BGS 9
Trout, Mike 2011 Finest #94 BGS 8.5


Garnett, Kevin
2021 Panini VIP #35 SILVER ICE PARALLEL 24/99


Cunningham, Cade 2020-21 Donruss #211 ORANGE LASER PARALLEL
Cunningham, Cade 2021 Panini Fathers Day #RC1 CRC


Etienne Jr, Travis 2021 Prizm #344 ORANGE LAZER PARALLEL
Haener, Jake 2022 Bowman U #78 (1st) PINK PARALLEL
Harris, Najee 2021 Prizm #343 RED CRACKED ICE PARALLEL
Jones, Mac 2022 Panini Fathers Day #FD12
McCall, Grayson 2022 Bowman U #55 (1st) PINK PARALLEL
McKee, Tanner 2022 Bowman U #60 (1st) PINK PARALLEL
Pickett, Kenny 2022 Bowman U #91 PINK PARALLEL
Thompson, Skylar 2022 Bowman U #74 (1st) PINK PARALLEL


Cisco, Andre 2021 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Auto #278 PINK VELOCITY PARALLEL 18/30
Cook, Dalvin 2017 Donruss Elite #RA48 PURPLE PARALLEL 07/25
Etienne Jr, Travis 2021 Donruss Optic Gridiron Kings Auto #RGK-12 37/99
St Brown, Amon-Ra 2021 Donruss Optic Gridiron Kings Auto #RGK-17 57/99
Tremble, Tommy 2021 Donruss Optic rated Rookie Auto #282 HOLO PARALLEL 42/50
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