Dbacks base wantlist


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Thank you to everyone who helped my crack the 6000 card mark. I'm still interested in acquiring more base and low end #/d cards and SPs. I'll be switching gears once Series 2 arrives so maybe another week to work on this list. Any help is appreciated.



5.00 star(s)
I'm looking for base Dback cards that I need from any year/brand/set. This is a huge list with some cards I will never get my hands on. Really just interested in the base cards (non-auto), serial #d and low end SPs.

What I have for trade...any insert/parallel card from my tradelist (in sig) with a BV of less than 10. I also have a ton of Topps base going back to 2013. I have low end rookies but I'm not trading big name rookie cards.

I've been off the forum for the last six months. Please don't pull a ton of cards until you talk to me. Also, although I am confidant my tradelist is up to date, I need to confirm any cards. Since I'm a topps flagship collector, I won't need regular topps.

Current count - 6059 individual Dbacks cards.

06-07 Update - Updated thru 2005.

Topps Heritage
- 491 Peacock SP.496 VanMeter SP

Bowman 1st edition
- BFE31 A Thomas.BFE44 B Jarvis.BFE60 Beer.BFE104 Walston.BFE109 Perdomo.BFE136 Robinson.BFE142 Carroll
Bowman chrome - 48 Marte
Bowman Chrome X - 95 Varsho.98 Perdomo
Bowman Draft
- BD194 Lawlar
Bowman Draft 1st edition - BD51 Patrick.BD83 Steinmetz.BD105 Thomas.BD108 Del Castillo.BD194 Lawlar
Bowman Draft Sapphire Edition - BD51 Patrick.BD83 Steinmetz.BD105 Thomas.BD108 Del Castillo.BD194 Lawlar
Bowman Heritage
Bowman Inception -
60 Robinson.73 Carroll
Bowman Platinum - 2 Perdomo.91 Marte
Bowman Sapphire edition -BCP44 Jarvis.BCP60 Beer.BCP142 Carroll
Bowman Sterling - BSR64 Varsho
Bowman's Best -14 Perdomo.24 Marte.39 Lawlar
Donruss - 119 calhoun
Donruss Optic - 30 Marte.46 Varsho.88 P Smith.137 Marte.149 Gallen
Finest - 20 Varsho
Panini Chronicles - 9 Bumgarner.53 Marte
Panini Contenders - 98 gallen
Panini diamond Kings - 120 Varsho SP
Panini Mosaic - 18 Gallen.24 Kelly.65 Marte.154 Ahmed.210 A Young.238 Varsho.273 Smith
Panini Prizm - 238 Varsho
Panini Select - 31 Varsho.92 A Young.1412 Gallen.159 Ahmed.165 Smith.208 Mathisen.241 Marte
Panini Spectra - 34 Bumgarner.75 Marte.125 Varsho.144 Perdomo.154 Young.161 Smith
Stadium Club - 142 Smith.142 Smith SP.168 Varsho.168 Varsho SP.288 Gallen.293 Calhoun
Stadium Club Chrome
- 60 Marte.70 Young.142 Smith.168 Varsho.288 Gallen.293 Calhoun.312 Weems.345 Perdomo.358 Mukauskas.375 C Kelly
Topps - 10 Varsho SP
Topps Allen and Ginter Chrome - 54 Johnson.58 Marte.110 Varsho.158 Young.204 calhoun.294 Smith.
Topps Allen and Ginter X - 21 Gonzalez.54 Johnson.58 Marte.110 Varsho.158 Young.204 calhoun.294 Smith.343 Gallen SP
Topps All-Star Rookie Cup - 31 Perdomo.31 Perdomo SP
Topps Archives - 63 Johnson.80 Walker.208 Gallen.221 Varsho SP.221 Varsho SP.247 Smith.247 Smith SP
Topps Archives Snapshots - 48 Varsho
Topps Big league - 153 Marte.163 Varsho.207 Gallen
Topps Chrome Ben Baller edition - 73 Escobar.116 Marte.121 Varsho
Topps Chrome Black - 9 Varsho.19 Gallen.30 Marte
Topps Chrome Platinum
Topps Chrome Sapphire edition
- 10 Varsho.28 Weaver.47 Marte.62 Vogt.139 Mejia.141 C Smith.260 Escobar.287 Dbacks TC.289 Reddick.386 Walker.
440 Gallen.444 Smith.447 C Kelly.469 Crichton.481 Widener.499 Young.512 Calhoun.532 Young.585 Locastro.618 Ahmed.640 Peralta
Topps Chrome Update - USC75 Reddick
Topps Chrome Update Sapphire edition - US32 VanMeter.US74 Bukauskas.US135 Soria.US157 reddick.US192 Rojas.US268 Perdomo.US270 M Kelly.
US279 Cabrera
Topps Dynasty
Topps Finest Flashbacks
- 30 calhoun.87 C Smith.96 Gallen.120 varsho.158 Marte
Topps Fire - 4 Marte.22 Gallen.86 P Smith
Topps Gallery - 43 Marte.49 Perdomo
Topps Gypsy Queen -71 Varsho.182 Smith
Topps Heritage - 436 Peralta SP.445 Guerra SP.484 Gallen SP.487 Weaver SP.590 Escobar SP
Topps Holiday
- HW87 Perdomo.HW145 Young.HW148 Marte.HW148 Marte SP
Topps Inception - 1 varsho
Topps Japan edition - 45 Smith.54 Young.58 Varsho.112 Marte.176 Widener.196 Mejia.206 calhoun
Topps Museum Collection - 7 Marte.83 Johnson
Topps Opening Day - 149 Gallen
Topps Rip - 29 Johnson #d99
Topps transcendent Collection - 37 Johnson #d95
Topps Tribute - 15 Johnson.75 Marte
Toppe Triple Threads - 51 Johnson
Topps UK Edition - 12 smith.19 Perdomo.21 Bukauskas.54 Gallen.210 Young

Bowman 1st Edition
- BFE27 Robinson.BFE59 Hill Jr.BFE98 Thomas
Bowman Chrome - 66 Young.73 Marte.95 Escobar
Bowman Chrome X - 66 Young.81 Gallen
Bowman Heritage - 3 Marte.29 Escobar.69 Young.75 Gallen
Bowman Platinum - 32 Marte.41 Marte.88 Gallen
Bowman Sapphire - BCP27 Robinson.BCP59 Hill.BCP75 Beer.BCP98 Thomas
Bowman Sterling - BPR17 Thomas.BPR27 Robinson.BPR89 Young.BPR91 Gallen
Bowman's Best - 35 Gallen
Donruss - 54 Gallen.78 Marte.86 Ray.117 Bumgarner.128 Weaver
Donruss Optic - 28 Marte DK.54 Gallen.66 Leyba.67 Rojas.106 Marte.170 Marte
Finest - 125 Marte
Futera Unique Prospects and Legends - 28 Patino.35 Robinson.47 Johnson
Panini Absolute - 33 Marte
Panini Chronicles - 39 Gallen
Panini Contenders - 71 Marte
Panini Diamond Kings - 78 Schilling
Panini Prizm - 10 Leyba.40 Gallen.41 Marte.95 Rojas.124 Escobar.142 Marte.179 Ahmed.222 Kelly.227 Ray.247 Bumgarner
Panini Select - 4 Marte.30 Rojas.54 Gallen.86 Leyba.140 Marte.168 Ahmed.186 Escobar.201 Ray.246 Bumgarner.250 Kelly
Stadium Club - 88 Marte.129 Young.213 Rojas.293 Johnson
Stadium Club Chrome - 73 Marte.88 Marte.114 Ray.129 Young.208 Leyba.210 Escobar.213 Rojas.262 Gallen.265 Walker.362 Calhoun.395 Ginkel
Topps - 354 Randy Johnson SP
Topps Allen & Ginter - 48 Marte.113 Gonzalez.153 Marta.224 Calhoun.262 Gallen.325 Grace SP
Topps Allen & Ginter Chrome - 2 Johnson.48 Marte.113 Gonzalez.153 Marta.224 Calhoun.237 Ahmed.262 Gallen.268 escobar.
Topps Allen & Ginter X - 2 Johnson.48 Marte.113 Gonzalez.153 Marta.224 Calhoun.237 Ahmed.262 Gallen.268 escobar.325 Grace SP
Topps Archives - 61 Young SP.104 Walker.109 Johnson.137 Escobar.146 Marte.211 Marte
Topps Archives Snapshots
- AS-RJ Johnson
Topps Big League - 24 Young.136 Peralta.240 Marte
Topps Chrome - 115 Young
Topps Chrome Ben Baller Edition - 10 Leyba.14 Bradley.15 Peralta.27 Walker.115 Young.132 Gallen.151 Marte.192 Ray
Topps Chrome Black - 4 Marte.7 Leyba.53 Gallen
Topps Chrome celebration of the Decades - 10 Leyba.14 Bradley.15 Peralta.27 Walker.115 Young.132 Gallen.151 Marte.
Topps Chrome Sapphire -
Topps Chrome Update - U4 Calhoun
Topps Chrome Update Sapphire edition - U30 Tomas.U57 Lopez.U81 Guerra.U102 Ginkel.U213 Mella.U228 Marte.U238 Locastro.U247 Calhoun.U291 Thomson
Topps Finest Flashbacks - 10 Young.22 Escobar.34 Ray.54 Gallen.81 Leyba.88 Marte
Topps Fire - 81 Lamb.143 Leyba
Topps Gold Label - 5 Marte.77 Gallen
Topps Gypsy Queen - 295 Marte SP
Topps Heritage - 431 Ray SP.449 Duplantier SP.452 Peralta SP.474 Escobar SP.488 Walker SP.656 Ginkel.703 Marte
Topps Holiday - HW141 Walker.HW163 Young
Topps Inception - 58 Leyba.62 Gallen
Topps Opening Day - 161 Marte SP
Topps Rip - 85 Gonzalez #d/99.96 Gallen #d/99
Topps Topps of the Class - 83 Gallen.88 Marte
Topps Transcendent Collection - 15 Gallen #d/95
Topps Triple Threads - 84 Johnson
Topps UK Edition - 7 Escobar.45 Gallen.52 Marte.56 Marte
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