Detroit Tigers 1st rounder Jacob Turner 50/50's

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
He was signing on the SS tonight and adding inscriptions if asked, right now I'll take OMLB's for him until I see how long he is going to be sticking around. Don't wanna find out he is here all year and really racking up on him with cards for him then to think I'm a dealer and SP balls on me. Have yet to have a player do that yet but its not often we get 1st round picks here either.
Nic....I'd love for you to get me an OMLB signed by him. I'm in KY until Friday and will return then. I could always ship you the ball when I get back, lmk how u want to work it and if any other good prospects are up there in GR...

Haven't even checked the site out yet :( as far as the roster....leave me a pm and I'll get back to you on Thursday.
Thanks much!
Jordan Lennerton, Melvin Mercedes and Avasial Garcia only real good one's as far as my opinion. Brandon Hamilton is back again but is on the IL
K.....I think I would just like Turner on the SS of my Rawlings I said, pm me and lmk how you want to work it, and I'll be back in MI late Friday night....would appreciate it.....

If you want to get me a Turner w/ 1st round pick inscription that would be great and we can work it into the trade for that stuff I have for you. I think it's 3 ROMLB's w/ COA and 2 cards right now...
Don't have any balls right now and doubt I'll be dropping any money on them either. Have a few people that say they wanna do 50/50's on OMLB's so should have a few extra I can get done to trade
still can take a few more items for him right now, probably only another 2 50/50's then once I get everything done I'll take more
Right now I'm holding off on photo's since I already have a 50/50 for a few 11x14's. So until I run out of stuff or have no more 50/50's set up I'm not gonna go for photo's since they really aren't my thing since they take up a heck of a lot more room on a wall then a ball.
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yeah ik whatcha mean.........i got around 20 hicks 8x10s signed and now its taking a toll on the wall