Do You Want To Leave A Permenant Mark On The Baseball?


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Are you tired of players making the All-Star team because they are big name players? Vote for a player who would truly appreciate the expierience and play the hardest for his league. First Base in the NL is loaded with talent but several of these players are off to bad starts. Derek Lee is hitting .230 with no HR's. Ryan Howard is hitting .263. Prince Fielder is hitting .242 with 1 HR. Lance Berkman is hitting .263 with no HR's. Adam Dunn is hitting .217 and Todd Helton has no HR's. Are these All-Star's? No, but they remain candidates because of there name. I know Albert Pujols is worthy and he'll probably make it but everyone will vote for him. Why not give someone new a shot? Ike Davis of the New York Mets is definitely worthy. He just came up but should have been up earlier. He is not on the ballot but can still be written-in. Since coming up he has hit .350 with a HR in only 20 AB's. But since his arrival the woeful Mets have won 5 of 6 games. He is a difference maker and a true lover of the game. If he makes the All-Star team we will never forget it, so fill in your ballots and write-in Ike Davis and be a part of something. It worked for Rory Fitzpatrick in the NHL.


David K.

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Haven't voted...waiting another month.....too early in the season and some started out on fire and others cold as ice....But I'll see what happens a month from now. Best regards, David

Tim Carroll

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An All-Star in only 20 AB's? Hmmmmm........

A player that new to MLB would have to go on a Kevin Maas or Matt Nokes-like tear for me to even consider voting for him. Good thing for Davis that there still is a couple of of months+ left to vote.:) That will give him time to do something special to sway my vote.



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It seems like we always hear something about someone like this as long as they play in NY. If he was playing for the mariners would we see this thread?


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It's rediculous, he's got 1 HR and 2 RBIs! While I'll agree with you that a player should have All Star numbers and some of the past ones just aren't doing it, there are a few that stand out like Pujols, A Gonzalez, and Votto.


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He'll be back down in Brooklyn when Murphy comes back and the Mets will be back to their losing ways. It sucks but it's the truth.

Man, I have such a sinking feeling that you are right! Ike is no all-star (yet) but the Mets need to give the kid a chance to show what he can do. Just as they should have done last year with Thole.


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Exactly why fan voting is tainted!

Fan voting is tainted, let's let the writers do it.
Oh, wait, we've seen some of the awards/HOF ballots, best not let them do it.
How about the managers? I hear enough whining about the reserves they pick, probably not the best choice.
Try the players...oh wait, Veteran's committee the sequel.
guess that leaves computers, just like the BCS formula.

Pick your poison.


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To copy others, didn't the season just start??? It's a long hard summer, there are many, many at bats to be had. If he is a keeper, he will get his due.