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I have a bunch of stacks of cards laying around that had been pulled for trades that eventually fell through for one reason or another. One of my resolutions for 2016 is that it is time to get them cleaned up and reduce some of the clutter. First stack was the Texas Rangers and that went pretty quick.....

The second stack is a LA/Brooklyn Dodgers lot. I am going to ask $6.00/delivered. I am willing to listen to offers.

1986 Burger King All Pro #3 Fernando Valenzuela (poor condition)
1993 Donruss Darryl Strawberry Long Ball Leader LL-11
1993 Donruss Diamond Kings DK-14 Orel Hershiser
1993 Upper Deck Iooss Collection WI9 Eric Karros
1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Gold Signature 366 Darryl Strawberry
1999 Topps Power Players P19 Raul Mondesi
2004 Topps Dem Bums DB-CF Carl Furillo
2004 Topps Dem Bums DB-CL Clem Labine
2004 Topps Dem Bums DB-DH Don Hoak
2004 Topps Dem Bums DB-JH Jim Hughes
2004 Topps Dem Bums DB-JP Johnny Podres
2004 Topps Dem Bums DB-WA Walter Aston
2004 Topps World Series Highlights WS-KG Kirk Gibson
2004 Topps World Series Highlights WS-DS Duke Snider
2007 Topps EtchASketch ES5 Hideo Nomo
2008 Topps Gold 207 Jeff Kent (1469/2008)
2008 Topps Gold 431 Delwyn Young (1060/2008)
2011 Topps U/H Diamond Duos DD-29 Matt Kemp/Jerry Sands
2011 Topps U/H GU Jersey Andre Either AS-52

Thanks for looking.
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