Does anybody actively grade with PSA, Beckett, or SGC?

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Oct 19, 2003
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I have only graded with Beckett. My last shipment from them was full of damaged slabs. I let them know that I wasnt happy but they didnt really seem to care. The other guys easy to use?
I don't get cards graded because I am ttoo much of a skeptic as well as a wuss! The only complaints from those I know that do get cards graded by PSA was the wait time but I don't know if that is still the case with the card market cooling down so much. I know for vintage cards SGC and PSA rule the roost but Beckett's seems to be better for autogaphs. Beckett's seems to be weak when it come to vintage from my experience. My BGS 6.51970-71 Topps Wilt Chamberlain looked like crap next to our former LCS owner's PSA 6.5 1970-71 Topps Wilt Chamberain.

If you have an LCS that does group submissions to PSA that may be a way to go. My brother did that a few months ago and the cost was reasonable and the cards were returned in about 3 weeks. He certainly had no complaints with PSA or the group submission route.

BTW, that same brother just got the 1971 Brooks Robinson you traded me last Summer and was REALLY happy with it! We had too much to mail each other so we waited until we saw each other to make any card exchanges.
I’ve thought about trying sgc. It bugs me that psa charges based on a cards bv. Like it wasn’t any harder to grade because it’s worth more. Lol.

That Robinson card is a beauty!!
I knew that PSA charged by the value of the card they are grading which why I was wondering why my brother paid $20/card for the 7 or 8 he got graded. Ends up the group submission was to SGC and not PSA which answers that.
I submitted cards to PSA through my LCS back in December. Here's what I'm waiting on:

1966 Topps Don Sutton RC
1966 Topps Roberto Clemente
1968 Topps Tom Seaver x2
1992 Front Row Derek Jeter auto

Vintage cards are gonna take a while but when I get them back I'll post the results.
I might try SGC next time around. Wish somebody here did group submissions.
I use a guy on FB goes by Sappy I have him submit my cards he does huge lot submissions for PSA & Beckett he's very reliable and doesn't charge a fee really you just pay your shipping both ways and the cost of the sub.
I’m guessing they’re in Florida? Do you have contact info? Thanks, Dave

yes its Eric Drew...found him through the social media groups I belong to...very reliable, great communication...if you decide to try it reach out I can walk you through the process...

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PSA for future resale value
SGC for lowest price quick turnaround
BGS in between, BGS 10’s are most valued cards of all
SGC or PSA for vintage
PSA charges extra for high value cards. I’ve graded a 10k+ card with BGS for around 300 all-in. PSA would be over 1500 for same