does anybody know a good way to transport cards

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May 22, 2010
every week on sunday i switch from my moms to my dads then my dads to my moms...
i only take 3 binders
2006 fleer traditiion master set
inserts, numbered, rc's, parralells, ect
and finnaly all my
gu and autos

what do you guys think. its a pain how i do them now i just wrap a shirt im gonna take over around one of the binders and tape it up so no cards fall out (uses alot of scotch tape up in the end) and i know for a fact theres a betterway to be doing this i mean i just dont want all my cards falling out of the 9 page sleeves into my bag their in that im taking over to one of my parents house and getting bent

P.S. if it makes any difference my parents only live 10 minutes away

thanks benchies for your help :D
-Curtis K
How long do you stay at each house? It's obvious you like to look at the cards, and that's cool, but I'd want to keep them at the place you feel is the safest (no dogs or other kids getting into them). The more you move them, the more risk of having them get damaged by rain, dropping a binder or whatever. But if you really want to have them with you all the time, I'd suggest getting large ziploc freezer bags to keep them dry, and maybe put velcro in the right places so you can fold the bags over so no cards could slip out during transportation.
I would honestly just take what you really need to trade with. I know the feeling since I used to to do the same, and most of my cards are at my dad's house right now.