Does the 2011 Topps Hope (Blue) Diamond Frank Robinson (Reds) Card US207 Exist?


The 2011 Topps Hope Diamond (blue sparkle) parallel set (each card numbered to 60) has 990 "base" cards. I have 989 of those cards -- only missing (and willing to pay a premium for) card #497 Alex Avila (Tigers).

The 2011 Topps Hope Diamond set also has Hope Diamond parallels (#/ 60) of the legends variations that were part of 2011 Topps. There were 74 legends variations, and I have the Hope Diamond parallels for 73 of them. Only missing the Hope Diamond variation for Frank Robinson (Reds) card #US207. Frank Robinson also has a Hope Diamond parallel in his Orioles uniform (card #650). I have three of those. Just need (and would pay a premium for) the Frank Robinson Hope Diamond US207 in his Reds uniform.

Here's the question: A couple of collectors have contacted me over recent months raising the question of whether Topps actually released a Hope Diamond parallel (#/ 60) of the Frank Robinson (Reds) US207 card. Both had previously made a run at putting a Hope Diamond set together, but eventually decided to abandon that pursuit. Neither had seen or heard mention of that particular Frank Robinson card in the Hope Diamond version.

So, if you have seen a Hope Diamond variation (blue sparkle, numbered to 60) of the Frank Robinson card #US207 (in a Reds uniform), would you please let me know? And, of course, if anyone has one of these cards available for sale or trade (or know of someone who does), please contact me. I will very much make it worth your while for doing so. Or, if anyone knows any reason why that particular Frank Robinson legends variation card may not have a Hope Diamond parallel, I'd appreciate your input.

Thanks to all. Take care.