Due Diligence and inspecting card photos/ scans?


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I’ve done a bunch of searching and shockingly I can’t find any information or articles online regarding tips for inspecting photos/ scans of cards, and/ or what questions to ask a seller about condition when shopping online…

Wondering if you guys have any tips that you would be willing to share? Maybe even photo examples if at all possible. For example when I look at some silver “Prizm” type cards, it’s hard to tell if the edges are banged up or if it’s just light refraction.

Maybe I don’t know enough as a newbie and this isn’t even possible. But as a newbie it sure would be cool to get a crash course on this from everyone.



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I agree. Some flaws don't show up on a picture. If I suspect a flaw that the seller hasn't disclosed, I will question them about the condition. Hopefully they will answer correctly. For example, you might ask if the card has any flaws. Or id the card has any creases.


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Ask for front and back scans. Look for obvious things like bent corners, creases, poor centering ect... It never hurts to ask the seller/trader if there are any flaws that cant be seen in the scans.