earn money by helping me out.


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benchies I have six game used sets I've been trying to sell. If you find me a buyer we make the sale you could earn a precent of the sale. You could earn up to fifty bucks if you help me sell one set. Now I have two smaller sets I'm not willing to offer fifty on those. On the lager sets I have yes I'm willing to offer fifty for your help.

All you need to do is find a buyer nothing else. Let me tell you what sets are on hand. And the sets you could fifty bucks on. On these four sets you help sell one you get fifty bucks. These are complete sets even with the short prints.

2006 Super sweet swatch 100 card set.
2008 Generations memorabilia 89 card set.
2008 Lengendary memorabilia 88 card set.
2002 Diamond bat around 30 card set.

These two sets I can't offer fifty. I'll offer twenty bucks.

2008 Stardom bound 47 card set.
2008 Detined for history 49 card set.

Again all you do is ask people friends or family you know. If I make a sale you earn free money simple as that. Hey if someone buys them all count the money yeah baby.

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You get me a buyer doesn't matter what I'm asking. People are going to push back ask for less. You know how this works.
Thanks for asking.