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I just generally buy on the Bay I have a few player/teams I buy. Recently a card that I need for my Player Collection popped up it’s a rarer pre-rookie card that is just not that often seen on the bay. Well I placed a bid with a max of 15 so if anyone else bid on the card it would hold off till 15. Well a few minutes after I placed the bid some other guy came in and placed a bid above my max. Well that’s well and fine. But can others see your minn bid? Is there a tool out there in the net that would help me and my bidding? I hope this isn’t too confusing but one would think that a person would be 3 bucks not 15.50 right off the bat.
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the only thing other bidders could see is the CURRENT bid ....if the opening bid was .99 and you entered a bid of 15 , the only thing he could see was .99....(assuming you had the only other live bid and it still showed at the opening bid - and i'm just throwing .99 out there) to SUBMIT any bid , he would have to beat the CURRENT bid by the minimum increment ...at .99 , the minimum jump is .05 so he would have needed a bid of at least 1.04......if his max was from 1.04 to 14.50 , you would jhave still been the high bidder and your CURRENT bid would have been raised to HIS BID PLUS the MINIMUM INCREMENT.....had his maximum bid been between 14.51 and 15.00 , you would still be the high bidder and your CURRENT BID would be upped to your maximum bid of 15.00 because your max would no longer be greater than the minimum increment above his....had he bid between 15.01 and 15.49 he would take the lead with his EXACT BID because he was higher than you , but not by the minimum increment....had he bid anything at or above 15.50 , he will take the lead with 15.50 showing as mis current bid (his bid could be a billion dollars , but you will only see the current bid which is the minimum increment above the runner-up bid).....