eBay gold mine 7-3-10

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Oct 25, 2002
Overland Park, Kansas
Last week, while perusing the Bay for some minor league team sets, I came across a guy who had a bunch of partially signed team sets for sale, relatively cheap, from the mid-90s. And even though I haven't been too active on eBay recently (for cards), I bid on a few of them anyways.

In the end, for a little over $13, I came away with these: (Cards with a * are up for trade if someone needs them)

1993 Carolina Mudcats RBI
Tony Beasley
Blaine Beatty
Tim Edge
Jim Krevokuch
Tim Leiper
Daryl Ratliff
Keith Thomas

1993 Carolina Mudcats Fleer/ProCards
Jeff Banister
Tony Beasley
Blaine Beatty
Tim Edge
Keith Osik
Daryl Ratliff
Rick White

1994 Carolina Mudcats Fleer/ProCards
Jermaine Allensworth
Brett Backlund
Michael Brown
Mariano de los Santos
Tim Edge
Angelo Encarnacion
Ramon Espinosa
Dennis Konuszewski
Jim Krevokuch
Kevin Polcovich
Matt Ruebel
Kevin Rychel

1994 Syracuse Chiefs Fleer/ProCards
Travis Baptist
Howard Battle *
Tim Crabtree *
Jesse Cross *
Bob Didier *
Ray Giannelli *
Shawn Green *
Joe Lis *
Robert Perez *
John Poloni
Jim Rogers *
Randy St. Claire *
Hector Torres
Jason Townley *
Anthony Ward *
Eddie Zosky

Quite satisfied. :D

If you need any, let me know.

Happy 4th,

I'd have some interest in the Green and Zosky Syracuse Chiefs autos, if they're still available. PLMK what I can find for you, thanks.