Ebay just has to keep tinkering!


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Nothing new here...someone complaining about ebay. Don't get me wrong, I NEED ebay more then they need me, but QUIT TINKERING WITH THE SITE!

Now they think my address needs to be changed and they won't allow me to process transactions until I select the address they want me to have!:mad:

The other problem is the feedback system. Just about every time I try to leave it, it's broken or slow! I have 27 pages to leave and I can't get it to go past page 1!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: If I try to show more than 25 per page, they will show up but won't allow me to leave the feedback. Found out the hard way when I loaded 100 feedback and then it failed!

There are more problems I encounter, but enough for now. The venting has helped.

I may stop leaving feedback all together if they can't get this right (sorry good sellers who deserve it, but it is not worth the time anymore!)