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I recently sold - through auction - the following item on eBay...

2010 Topps Series 1 Complete Set w/ BONUS INSERT set

This item sold for $9.77 plus $7.00 S&H.

The cards are in a 400 ct. set box. The first and last card both have a "filler" card in front/back of it to protect those two cards. Any loose space left will be filled with newspaper to keep the cards from bouncing around. I will tape the box up securely, put a return address sticker on it and then cut out his printed address and tape it to the box. That's how I ship... always have without any issues.

Well the winner sent me this message...

I won this set from you and have paid for it via paypal. I humbly ask that you please, please double-check the set to make sure that it is COMPLETE with NO MISSING CARDS. Also, please package the set very, very carefully (double box with lots of packing material around the set box) so that all of the cards arrive to me safe and undamaged. Please DO NOT just write may name and address on the card box itself and send them unprotected that way. The cards WILL GET DAMAGED if sent that way. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Here's the problem with that. To do what this person is asking will cost more than I charged for shipping. A flat rate box from the USPS will cost over $10 to ship. So do I write back to him and explain that in order to do this, I will need more cash from him or do I just do what he asked? Don't forget that i've already paid out of pocket for the following...

400 ct. box
Listing Fee
Final Value Fee

Your thoughts please


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I think that, if he/she wanted the cards mailed out in a specific way, he/she should had to let you know before bidding on the item.


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Shipping on a 400ct box is about $6.00 parcel post weight is just over 2lbs about 2 lbs 2oz i would just cut up an old bubble mailer and do what i do just put them down the sides fill in the spaces so the cards don't shift during shipping and what cracks me up is they don't want there name on the box
they're re-selling it or its already been sold and thats why there nervous about making sure the set is complete-Make sure you send w/tracking you can ship using PayPal multiple order shipping tracking is $0.19 and check each card and make sure there are no dings on any of the cards this person seems that they will cause a problem if the cards aren't in pristine condition.

David K.

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I agree with dragonslayer913....It does seem like that they want a clean front on the box so all they have to do is.....write the other person's name and address....and go to the postage office and ship it. Probably brought it for someone else. Best regards, David


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I dont think the buyer is being unreasonable. He didnt ask you to send it in a flat rate box, just to double box it. A second reasonably sized box with a bit more packaging isnt going to add more than an additional buck. Just think about the large number of threads that get started by people complaining about how they received cards that they feel should have been packed better. Are you trying to use the S&H fees as a profit factor? Are you OK with receiving a set in the manner you are sending? If so, have a clear conscious about it and send it off. As for the out of pocket? yep the box would fall under the S$H fees, but to include the listing and final value fees as part of your argument? Nope, not the buyers problem. Its Ebay, you gotta pay to play. To many people complain about S&H fees when they have to pay them, but when a buyer wants to see the money he spends on those S&H fees get used as such, and not go to pay for the fees the seller cries fowl. Add that final value fee, and listing fee together, and its probably pretty close to the added postage of an additional box.

Just sayin.



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I would ask more money for special handling, if you want to give your time for free to keep a customer happy that's fine too. but if it's going to cost more in postage he really should pay the diufference, he would if he wanted the P.O.'s premium services such as Priority or Express Mail.


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I agree with the buyer. When you ship a box of cards and all the protection you have is the outer box which is the card box, the cards will get damaged more often than not.

Check out my blog entry for a similar experience, only worse!

Anytime you plan to mail a larger lot of cards, you should mail them in a card box within a packing box.

Think of it this way. If you disregard his request and send it your way to save a few bucks and the cards do get damaged, you will lose a paypal claim and end up with damaged cards, no money and you'll be out the shipping cost and fees to boot.
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The buyer is just assuming that the cards will end up damaged if you dont send the precise (and more expensive) way that they want. If youve always shipped it safely the other way, I see no problem with you continuing to do so.

Everyone always wants their purchases to be sent in the most secure way possible, its just not fair to start demanding extra considerations if you havent arranged for it ahead of time


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Probably because they have experienced the problem before.

You'll get lucky a while, but eventually it will bite you if you ship cards directly in the packing box.

IU don't care what the seller charges as long as the item arrives in the condition I bought it and I don't assume responsibility for damage w/o insurance. I bought them the way I bought them. The seller charged what they needed for s/h. Now if that causes damage, then the seller is going to eat it!

The buyer is just assuming that the cards will end up damaged if you dont send the precise (and more expensive) way that they want. If youve always shipped it safely the other way, I see no problem with you continuing to do so.

Everyone always wants their purchases to be sent in the most secure way possible, its just not fair to start demanding extra considerations if you havent arranged for it ahead of time


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Sounds like someone is sending them as gift once they receive or making a trade. To me, thats a low price on a set anyways. But, Like when I was
buying Maddux cards online through ebay, I'd get a lot with the card I needed
all damaged beyond what I would want in my collection and that is irritating.
The delivery of the item falls upon the seller too, if you claim the cards are
mint then the package arrives and a few are not mint then the responsibility
would be on you to replace the damaged cards.

But, the guy knew how you were going to ship before hand and bought the
set anyways. I always when Instructing a seller how I'd like an item shipped differently would contact them after the auction close and arrange an agreement and pay them extra for there time and additional supplies to
package an item with better material. (I.E. every card plastic sleeved and certain ones hard cased and the rest teambagged.) It cost more money
for the seller to do this and If I want it, I will offer to pay it upfront if
it is reasonable.

you could offer the buyer Insurance? when I sell something on ebay,
I get a qoute from a third party shipper, PakMail is who I use and they
box the item. I incorporate into the shipping and soft sleeve everything
at a minimum and Include Mandatory Insurance.

This steming from a shipment of 1200 dollars in Mickey mantle cards with 50 other cards that got lost Usps. The buyer didnt pay for the optional Insurance so I shelled out 6 or 7 dollars for it and you know that package got lost!. Since then I make anyone buying a lot from me pay for the insurance.

you could politely tell the buyer that you explained how the item would ship
and that the method they are asking for will cost more money, that if they like that your willing to ship it to them the way they ask if they are willing to cover the expense of the additional material and differential in price to do so.
If they make a big stink about it, contact ebay support and make them work it out and relist it with a credited fee from the initial sell.

good luck with your problem