.....end of the week 4/25


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Nice round up this week, but since I stopped sending out cards it is just a trickle, here are the results.....

Greg Gross finally returned the two cards I sent awhile back, a '75 and one for the '85 Topps project.

George Frazier, no not the boxer, but Cardinals pitcher also signed an '85 for me as well as his rookie card 1979. Adding to the '79 collection was one from Skip Lockwood and John Hiller.

Craig Mitchell has graced not one, but three Topps foursquare rookie cards as an A's pitcher and he signed them for me, '76, '77, '78.

Last, but not least, a big thank you to Walt for getting Butch Hobson's signature on a '78, '79 and '81 Topps......


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Great stuff, George Frazier is a great signer, and has a cool looking autograph as well! I remember him well with the Cubs in the 80s, he was a great part of their staff!

Thanks for posting!