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I came across this on another site and wanted to share the info here so none of our fellow bench traders get burned by this seller - thanks, erik

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I as well as other have been following this seller as he continues to sell originals and then re-sells them with sick patches.
His i.d. are: thanh577 - **ryder** - ufjumper7

ALL of the following card were purchased under the name: ufjumper7
and resold first under thanh577 but after that i.d. got exposed currently has some up for auction under: **ryder**

Current Fakes Up for Auction(PLZ notice the serial numbering)

(REAL) OJ MAYO #93/99

(FAKE) OJ MAYO #93/99

(REAL) Chris Johnson Exquisite #102/199

(FAKE) Chris Johnson Exquisite #102/199

(REAL) Matt Ryan SPA

(FAKE) Matt Ryan SPA

...and finally an AP Exquisite (REAL)

AP Exquisite (FAKE)


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Don't get me wrong, what he is doing is ethically wrong, but for all the work that it must take he is not making a killing doing it. He lost quite a bit on that Ryan. I don't know how they do this but I'd hate to think I could make a mistake with a $1000 card I just bought. He's taking huge risks for a couple hundred dollars.


David K.

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Thats the reason...I don't buy any of the good patches.....they could be to good to be true. Thanks for the warning! Best regards, David


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Seems like pretty solid evidence. It's a shame that people have resorted to this!

He is playing with fire too, using very high end cards. I only hope he gets burned holding the bag on a lot of money. Nothing probably stings a crook more than to feel it financially!


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there have been several people who have either contacted the seller (I did), ebay or both ... i'll let ya all know if I hear anything different - erik

Tim Carroll

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Can anybody contact Chris Carlin at Upper Deck? This is basically using their authentication on the back to sell the fake patches, correct? Looks to me like Upper Deck would love to throw some sort of litigation out at people like this that are making others weary of purchasing their REAL products.



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Do they have to split the card open to do this? Or are they just somehow fitting it in that little hole?


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This is very frustrating. I have no "sick" patches of my own, but it makes me question even the solid color patches I have. I think what is even more frustrating is that e-bay refuses to do anything about it. That is one of the many reasons I have not placed a bid on anything since February.

But the card companies aren't innocent in this. I know that a lot of us don't like scanning our collections in because it's a lot of work, but how can they not at least take all of the low numbered patches and scan them in to a database. This way, collectors can find out if they are indeed buying what was promised by the "COA" on the back of the card.



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here is the response the person (that created the original thread) received back from ebay .... what a joke in my opinion!!


Thank you for contacting John Donahoe with your concern. My name is
Kristine with eBay's Office of the President and John has asked that I
contact you on his behalf.

eBay is extremely concerned about fraud on our site, whether it is
fraudulent buyers or fraudulent sellers, and we review every report that
we receive. We received your previous emails regarding these members and
we have reviewed them thoroughly and I have also reviewed these accounts
once again based on the information provided in your report.

Unfortunately, we do not show any evidence of fraud or shill bidding in
this particular situation. If you have received fake or altered items
please be sure that you are reporting these through the PayPal
Significantly Not as Described process so that we can do an
investigation and possible reimbursement. We do not review listings on
our site for validity because we are not experts in every area, but when
we receive reports through the claims system we are able to take
appropriate action.

Kind Regards,

Office of the President
eBay, Inc.


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looks like he is still at it!!!! buyer beware ..... not only do the jones and ryan stink of fakeness ... any thoughts on that pujols auto ??????

The Pujols auto is fake. There was no such Bowman Originals card. In fact I don't think they used any GU cards for the buyback.

EDIT--here's a discussion thread from a few months back, discussing probable Pujols Bowman Originals buyback auto forgeries:
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people are desperate for money.. Make a perfectly good $8 card into a $200 card. I hope they ban this guy off of ebay, and refund the poor buyer that doesn't research